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Any tip on how to make website user-friendly?

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Any tip on how to make website user-friendly?

I have a website for this niche, and I'd like to make it mobile friendly in order to improve the user experience. Please help me figure out how to make my website more user-friendly.
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Listen to Your Users. Take the time to ask your regular visitors what they'd like to see on your page.
Speed It Up.
Provide In-Depth Information.
Make Navigation Intuitive.
Choose Color Carefully.
Improve Your Site Layout.
Pay Attention to CTAs.
Beef Up Your Contact Page.
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Characteristic of a user-friendly website:

Responsive & compatible design
Consistent scannable look
Clear call-to-action
Simple forms
Adaptive & Accessible website
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Use Visually Appealing Designs
Your website’s navigation must be intuitive
Fast loading time
provide a search engine box
Provide contact information
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Make your websites flexible,
Make informative websites &
Easy to find,
Keep away with pop-ups ads,
Make the website design simple,
It also works on mobile take the button sizes large,
Allow to desktop view also,
Test the website regularly on mobile.
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Listen to your audience, conduct some research, visit other websited to develop your taste.
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I think that the first thing you should do is to make sure that your website is fast enough, otherwise, nobody will ever use your services and enjoy the content of the site.
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The main tip here is to be friendly actually. You have to understand that the main goal for you on this stage should be the building of user-friendly website. It's kinda difficult but you always have to hear visitors of your website, their wishes, desires and emotions. I suppose that you are able to build such a website, everything you need is time. You have to dedicate plenty of time on creating such an atmosphere, otherwise everything will be useless. You can search for some information in the internet, you have to own the ability to soften conflicts, understand peoples' needs and so on so forth.
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Each element on your site needs to be responsive and adjusted for different sizes of mobile and tablet devices, the navigation has to be simple, letters must be tappable and visible, the text should be large enough for all users to read it, the contrast has to be good and users need to distinguish various elements. The Mobile version shouldn't contain too many images or videos as they won't be that visible here, everything should be minimalistic and as simply as possible.
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One key element is to have a menu. Find a wenhosting provider that allows you to create pages on desktop, tablet, and mobile - and allows drag and drop options to make your site easy to use. I personally like
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8 Ways To Instantly Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Place your logo in the top left.
Include your contact information.
Add your products.
Don't make someone pick up a phone to get information.
Accept online orders.
Make content easy to skim.
Add search functionality.
Include your social media icons.
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