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Cloak/mask clickbank id so it doesn't show on Browser at All

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Cloak/mask clickbank id so it doesn't show on Browser at All

I will like to mask/cloak/hide my clickbank affiliate id so that it not shown anywhere i.e.when people hover their mouse over my link, they will see "http://www.Product.com/recommends" and when they click on the link, the url will also show "http://www.Product.com/recommends".

Is there a way to do that? The redirect video lesson here will still show my affiliate id at the end of the url after they click my affiliate link.

Also, I read that framing my link will mean that "http://www.Product.com/recommends" will show in the browser and so not reveal my affiliate id at all. I still don't get how to do that yet, but is that allowed? If so, I will crack my head and try to understand all that script

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Hi Magtan,
This post may help you.

Some merchants will display a question mark in the address bar followed by your affiliate id. Some websites will use a script to hide the affiliate id which is a good thing in some aspects but not so good in the fact that you do not know if your ID is being used. Not much you can do about it.

also, if you do this with an iframe then clickbank say they can not guarantee you will get credit.

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Also, once a customer gets to the merchant site, do you really care if they see your affiliate ID in the address bar? The cookie is already planted, and I'm guessing 95% of the internet-using public don't know what that means anyway.

Some merchants will hide this stuff (we do) but others won't... like Troy said. There's not a lot you can do about it.
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Aletta, Troy,
Many thanks for your advice.
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