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How to find dofollow sites

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How to find dofollow sites

Link building can be tricky. There are tools that help you determine good link partners. But if you’re not using them you need to come up with your own plan.

Kindly add your suggestions and ideas..
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I've read in this article that you could find dofollow blogs by doing a Google search for an image that says "“U Comment, I Follow”.

You might also want to check this post made by Mark:
Great tip for improving your link building

This article also provides great information on dofollow sites: DoFollow: Increase Your Backlinks with DoFollow Sites
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@ProTrader - Just a word of advice. If you choose to use a commenting service, be very careful. I got burned using CommentHunt ("http://su.pr/2HeZJz"). I'm still steaming over my whole experience with them. Do your due diligence first.

And of course, remember to be a good netizen and leave quality comments. After all, spam is spam.

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You can also Google "do follow blog" and there are tons of lists out there, many searchable by niche which is nice. Easy as pie.


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http://www.vmoptions.com/social-networking-list.php is a good list. You can get real dofollow backlinks. Try this site I know
http://ja-ta.com with PR-1 dofollow social bookmarking site.
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Thanks for sharing link!
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here is another high PR dofollow forum http://emoneychat.com
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There are many tools in Google that helps you in finding dofollow sites.

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wow so many, does it really work for sure in building up PR ?
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Thanks for this and also if you are search on google with example of "dofollow sites for eample" in example which thing you want you can fill

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Do Follow can help build PR but really doesn't do that much for anything that really matters. My PR 0-PR1 sites outrank PR 7 sites. not really sure that PR means anything anymore. at one time it did but like everything the spammers learned how to screw it up.

also, remember PR is by page not Site., just because a site's home page is PR 7, doesnt mean anything. if the page your link is on is PR 0 then, you don't really get any boost to your seo.
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