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Bing vs Google Ranking - Why do I have different results?

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Bing vs Google Ranking - Why do I have different results?

Having just created my first site i see that it was indexed by Google and Bing recently. However when comparing rankings between the two for my chosen keyword i see that i am currently on page 3 in Bing while in Google i have not shown up anywhere in the top 1000 for my keyword phrase!

This is despite using the page analysis feature in traffic travis and getting an A+ for my on page efforts. Anyone experienced this before with a new website?
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This can happen quite frequently with new and unestablished Websites. For new sites it can take good old Google a few days and even weeks to discover and index Websites. Do not worry about it though.

If you want Google to index your Website quicker, you can bookmark it on sites such as Dig or Propeller (no link juice - just indexing) or if you have a blog then ping the rss feed at pingomatic and submit the rss feed to a few rss sites like feedage and feedagg.

But do not worry about it to much just build up your content and start link building and Google will find you.
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People sometimes talk about the sandbox effect that Google puts on new sites meaning they dont achieve high rankings in the early weeks or months but no one really knows for sure.

Different algorithms mean different results between the search engines (something you can track using Traffic Travis) but the same principles of creating useful, optimized content will be effective across the board.

To get your new site found by the search engines quickly check out this blog post.
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Is this a good idea to start with AMA even if webiste is not indexed jet. I did submit some articles to Ezinearticles and links in blogs & directories but looks like google haven't still found me. Website is about two weeks old. I also use google webmaster and analytics.
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