Top 5 Ways To Get Your New Site Indexed Fast!

By Affilorama Group
Top 5 Ways To Get Your New Site Indexed Fast!


A new website is like a newborn baby. And no, I’m not referring to feeling like you went through labor pains to build it!

A newborn is fresh into the world and relatively unknown except to its proud parents, although not for long. New parents typically spend the next few days broadcasting news of the baby's arrival to family, friends, and basically anyone else who'll make the mistake of feigning interest. The baby's network grows and extends, going from unknown to well-connected in no time.

In a similar way, your new site enters the world wide web (of approximately 2 million websites and counting) and the only person who knows about it is you. Obviously you want to remedy that situation - fast.

So just like a proud new parent, you need to go about getting the news out that your website has arrived. Here are our top five ways to broadcast your baby website and start building its network asap.

#1 – Links from established websites

When you have CNN reporting news of your baby's birth to the world, everyone knows about it in record quick time. Matt Cutts, arguably Google's most well-known engineer, confirmed that getting a backlink to your site from a high profile website is the fastest way to get your page indexed, adding that indexing can be done in fractions of a second.

So if you can arrange to get your site linked to from a well-known site with a good PageRank, then that's the best method of getting your site linked quickly. Some ways to get backlinks from authority sites include:

#2 – Submit your site to Google

Submitting your site to Google should be a standard part of your procedure for building a new site. In fact, we strongly recommend creating an account with Google Webmaster Tools, if you haven’t already, and adding any new site via this dashboard.

The advantage of submitting your website using Google Webmaster Tools is that you can also get insights into a range of other site search variables. It's probably about as close as you'll get to learning the inner workings of the Google search bots, and how they interact with your site.

Part of adding your site to Google Webmaster Tools should include submitting a sitemap.xml file. If you're using WordPress then there are plugins to automate the process of sitemap submission, and which will re-submit whenever you update your site. Very convenient.

#3 – Get listed in a directory

Getting listed in a directory is like making sure you're in the phone book. The key here, if you want to get indexed quickly, is to list with well-respected and widely-used directories. There are both paid and free directories you can list with including (free), (free) and ($299 pa).

When you create your listing, you should aim to cater for both the search bots and human visitors by setting up an inviting site profile that encourages visitors to click through to your site.

#4 – Blog comments

While commenting on blogs is a technique that has been widely abused by spammers, it can still be an effective method for getting your site indexed. Just because most blogs are set to nofollow any links in the comments doesn't mean that search engine bots won't follow the link and index the destination page.

A great way to use blog comments is to make a genuine comment (not just 'nice post'!) followed by a deep link to a relevant page on your site that might discuss a similar subject. Deep links (links to pages other than your homepage) are a vital part of making sure your whole site is thoroughly indexed. Previously, we've discussed ways to ensure your entire site indexed by Google, so you may want to read over this post again in preparation for this step.

#5 – Create interesting and unique content

Secretly you were hoping we wouldn't mention the dreaded 'C' word weren’t you? But valuable content is just as important in getting your site indexed by the search engines as the other points I’ve mentioned.

While it might seem like spammers get indexed fast, Google's algorithms are focused on identifying these spam sites quickly, and then removing them from the index as quickly as they arrived. By developing valuable, unique content you can improve your longevity and success in the search index and increase your chances of getting backlinks from other sites.

How do I know when my site has been indexed?

Don't wait up expecting a phone call from Google to let you know your website has been indexed - you'll be waiting a long time. Simply run a site search and you'll known if your website is now in the great Google index.

Go to Google and enter into the search box.

This trick will work for the other search engines as well. If the search doesn't return any pages, then your site hasn't been indexed yet. You can either check that you've followed the suggestions properly above, or just wait a bit longer.

Introducing your new website to the world starts with getting indexed by the search engines, and in particular Google. You can then start to focus on working your way up the rankings and getting your new baby even more publicity.

And you don’t even have to email your mum!

Jeff Ellis 14 years ago
Excellent information for newbies! Many of my clients began with very strange ideas of how get noticed by search engines. It isn't the fault of the client, there is much bad information floating around. The 5 points listed here are exactly the same points that I emphasize to my clients and implement on their sites with great success. I am bookmarking this article and sending the link to my clients and potential clients to help them understand what needs to be done. Thanks for the concise and useful article, Jason.
Rae 14 years ago
Excellent info! I have been doing 3 of the 5 and I think adding a couple more of these elements will help me get indexed quicker. Thanks for the great post!
Lea Charlton 14 years ago
Very nice post. Concise and easy to understand. #1 is the most time consuming portion, though worth the advantages.
revcoday 14 years ago
I picked up a few new ideas from the post. For instance, I had never heard of Wetpaint prior to reading this post. I've always used blog commenting on high-profile blogs to get my projects indexed. You're absolutely right about the no-follow aspect... it doesn't seem to matter as long as all you're wanting is a spider to come visit the site.
Mehmet Onatli 14 years ago
Well I had never head of Wetpaint either, that was new. I have used ezinearticles before to get indexed. Submitting an article with link to my site. I've started using wordpress lately and I have seen that you don't have do much to get indexed fast. Just write a post, activate plugings like All-in-One SEO and Google XML sitemap and you'll get indexed really fast.
Charley Christman 14 years ago
That really nets it out. You might consider changing the number of websites. Unfortunately, I get 35 million when I search my own keywords. I assume it is 2 billion.
Trevor Bandura 14 years ago
Yes, writing articles is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and also to get some good links back to your site but, do you find it hard to find new topics to write about?

Between trying to write new posts for my blogs, I find it hard sometimes to try and re-write the same post to submit to an article directory.
Gerd 14 years ago
Good article to start with. We've just rebuild our website to a new site. The old one wasn't updated in about a year so I guess it will take some time before the googlebot will stop by...
joe 14 years ago
How long does it usually take?
Lee 14 years ago
I usually use #1, #2 and #5 to get indexed by the search engines. Backlinks from high PR sites usually get the pages indexed fairly quickly. Nevertheless, I still send google the sitemap.xml as soon as a page is ftped. Finally, good content is alway beneficial for being indexed.
Mark Ling 14 years ago
Thanks for all the comments, great to get the feedback.

@Charley you might be thinking of web pages, instead of websites? To be honest it's an educated guess at best.

@Joe How long it takes generally varies depending on how well connected your site is - the better the backlinks to your new site the quicker it will get indexed.
Jean DAndrea 14 years ago
Great article - wish I'd read this BEFORE building my websites!
At least I'm recognized by Google though. :-)
joe cepeda 14 years ago
Thanks for the post. These are always very well thought out and provide a wealth of valuable content.
Using just a few of the tips I have gotten here, I have been able to get one of my sites to go from a 7 million alexa ranking down to 2 million and this without using any tweets, diggs, or others like it, and in less than a week.
Great info.
[email protected]
Melissacgm 14 years ago
very useful article. I would love to follow you on twitter.
affiliate millionaire 14 years ago
Great post and really helpful information. i have never tried the blogging sites to link back to my site to get indexed, i'll have to try that. I always assumed that they would have to be indexed first in order for google to find my site. Thanks again :)
Sharon Rose Felege 14 years ago
This all is well and good, But I read something this week that indicated new site owners should not have outbound affiliate links on their new sites untill Google indexes them. Does this make sense or carry any importance?
web host 14 years ago
I think it will be better to get your site linked to digg or such very popular site… but it cannot be done in a single day….

hope we will find a ways asap…
Christian 14 years ago
These are a few good ideas. Unfortunately, dmoz accepts your site in a long period of time.
I will also follow the steps i did'nt from your article, they seem very useful. Another post regarding how to get a higher pagerank and more visitors to the owner's site would be very useful.

Appreciate your work!
photo sync ipad 13 years ago
Submitting sitemap to google web master tools and then bookmarking on the popular social bookmarking sites like digg and stumble upon will help to index more quickly.

Torrey Browne 13 years ago
Great ideas, thanks
Torrey Browne
sunny 13 years ago
great post..this is awesome
thanks for sharing
Marks 12 years ago
Nice Tips! yahoo answers is also a best option to get site index quickly.
James Smith 12 years ago
Great information resource for newbies...!!! Above mentioned five indexing tips are very basic, everyone basically must do for indexing their new website fast.
yash 12 years ago
Would these methods still work after the panda and penguin updates.Wont Google penalize us for negative SEO if we follow above steps?
hcg weight loss drops 12 years ago
Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren't loading properly. I'm not sure
why but I think its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.
kelvin 10 years ago
can this your methods still work after the panda and penguin updates.Wont Google penalize my site
Justin Golschneider 10 years ago
Hi Kelvin. Acquiring backlinks from high-authority sites, submitting your site to Google, getting listed on dmoz and writing intelligent and relevant blog comments are all still great ways to improve your SEO—and as always, content is king! I'd spend some time researching the current status of most of the specific sites listed here before jumping to build backlinks with them, but the principles are all still solid.
Ogrody Toruń 10 years ago
Are this methods still actual?
Justin Golschneider 10 years ago
Hi Ogrody. See my response to Kelvin, just above. While some of the specific websites mentioned may no longer be effective, the majority of the principles outlined here, such as creating quality content and getting backlinks from high-authority sites, will still help your website succeed.