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YouTube Buying Results, Thoughts & Questions

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YouTube Buying Results, Thoughts & Questions

This traffic generation tactic was recently given life again by George Brown (Originally, if not before, Adam Horowitz presented it in YouTube Cash Busters as early as 9 months ago, where he said he had been doing it for a year). As some of you already know he did a webinar with Mark and has recently offered up Traffic Ultimatum where he has placed it as Tactic 20 in the "Super Advanced Ninja" section.

Anyway, here is a summary of my experience so far:

First 14 days:

500 messages sent out (within I would guess 10-12 different niches)
30 responses
15 serious responses
10 YouTubers "signed up"
*so, that means we are left with 5 others we´re still negotiating with
20 videos monetized over those 9 accounts
*We have matched the products to the videos to ensure targeted traffic.
(video example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAym2ZTfuuQ#)

Now, I realize this is a little early to tell, but here´s the results:

1200 click-throughs over 10 days
162 click-throughs yesterday (3rd day was about 30... so, increasing)
12 order form impressions
0 sales (!)

Additional data:
3ish asking for ridiculous amounts of money for their accounts
*so, really 0 interested in selling their account

For anyone wondering what to expect when getting into YouTube Buying, I believe the above stats are relatively accurate if scaled out. So, I would expect for everyone a 5-10% response rate and a 2-5% sign-up rate, which is WELL below what was originally "forecasted" on George´s webinar. Further, while there has been a undeniable effect, this is definitely not one of those "have money in your bank account tonight" things, which I think was also suggested. On average, it takes a 1-4 days to get a response, 1-2 days to set-up the video and a few days after that to start seeing steady traffic (and I move really, really fast on a computer). So, 7 days to get it going with about 2-5% of the messages you´ve sent out. Solid results, but on a very small percentage of your messaging efforts. Oh, and make sure you keep solid notes as you go; it´s hard to explain how to do that; just record everything as you go and try to keep it organized - trust me, it gets hectic.

Everyone is invited to comment of course, but I am also very interested in hearing from someone that has had success with YouTube buying, and can let us know exactly what their experience was and maybe through in their 2 cents.

Best to all, James
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Got a positive response from one of the first two emails sent out. Thought this is going to be easy.

Nothing since. Except one kind chap who put my link in for free!! No responses to a dozen other requests sent out.

Of the one that did I have over 200 clickthroughs but 0 sales.

BUT I am trying a clickbank product and George did warn that these do not convert as well as say CPA.

The free link I got was for a new online golf game which anyone can sign upto for free. No takers as yet.

Much better results from forum marketing on this.
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Thanks for sharing guys. I haven't tried this approach myself, but I know from experience that social traffic is generally a waste of time.

Though I'm very eager to hear of any updates you guys are having and any successes experienced.

Most folks watching vids on YouTube IMHO are looking to kill time and not out to buy or sign up to stuff.

Please keep us posted.

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I have to disagree with Jason on social traffic. I have sites that 90% of the traffic comes from social marketing, and they do convert to sales. The problem with social marketing is that it takes a long time to work.
I spent months building the social relationships before ever sharing my own websites with people. however, once I got to the point of sharing my website, it converted to sales almost instantly. I probably could have done it much sooner than I did, and still gotten similar results.

the problem most people have in social marketing is that they tend to market first and socialize second. This rarely works. you have to spend a great deal of time focussed on building real relationships with people, the "fake it till you make it" routine most IM experts teach doesn't work in social marketing.

I have tested video marketing, and it works, when you get it right. when you get it wrong, its largely wasted time. and it can take hundreds of videos until you get one that takes off.

Through testing, I have found 2 types of videos that work for me. they both rely on screen capture. I use CamStudio, which is free, opensource, but if you have the money to invest Camtasia is a better option.

the first style of video is recording a "how to" type. By recording a short video on how to do something, you can build up interest, then refer them to a product that does it for them, or makes it even easier.

I also use this type of recording to do product reviews. I log into the members area of a product I am reviewing, and show off all the stuff you get when you join. i found by posting this type of video in my product reviews, they convert better, and I can shorten the length of the review by showing people what all they get rather than typing it all out. Then I can focus my text more on the bonuses I am offering when they buy through me.
The other way is to convert articles into video.

set up a power point slide and use subheadings or bullet points to create your video. you only need one or two slides for a 500 word article. Record the screen, and as you get to each bullet point in the article, read the article on that bullet point.
One thing that I have found that works best is to set up the bullet points, and rather than just reading from the article, I talk about that point and why it is important. this makes the video sound more natural, rather than like you are reading it.
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Wow James.

Thanks James for explaining the tactics to Youtube marketing... you know your stuff buddy.... may I ask how long until you have actually built up your relationship and then start promoting your affiliate programs? months? years?

I've just started YouTubing... and I'm doing a few "HOW TO" videos as well just getting my feet wet and hopefully building up that trust with my readers but it seems the process will take a while as not many are watching my videos... or subscribing...
and other tips? or should I keep on making more videos and just wait until something happens and more people would find me trust worthy and helpful before they join...

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just like any content online, drive some traffic to it. usually when people ask me how to get views, i ask them how many links they have built. if you build it they will come rarely works online. if you want people to see it you have to get it out there, and then get the word out.

spend a little time, or outsource it. i look for really cheap backlinking deals in forums like WF and AP, and buy a 100 or 200 backlinks package for like $10 in the for hire section.

also, social bookmark them. the Digg community loves videos, and they have abigg chance at going viral on you there.

as far as the time to build the relationship, a couple of weeks, its not trying to be their best friend, you just need to get to know them and establish yourself as an authority.

Become a leader. a strong leader isnt best buds with everyone, but he know what his peoples stengths and weaknesses are. get to know people and find the problem.

Some people tell me i spend too much time on the relationship building but it always pays off in the end. I have someone who trusts me, and will listen to my advice, but also I usually get to know them well enough that I can market to them in multiple niches. Give a little short term, and gain a lot more later.

people tell me i should just go for the sale, and this is why people fail to convert social traffic. social traffic takes time, patience, and sometimes helping people solve a problem today for free so they will spend more later.

I had someone complain that I gave one of my ebooks away one day, I asked him if he would rather have $20 today, or 1,000 next week.
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