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Your fav vendor's resources for affiliates?

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Your fav vendor's resources for affiliates?

For my latest info product ebook, I'm starting on my site's "Affiliate's Page". Wondering which tools/resources to add first and to show most prominently to visiting affiliates?

Here's the list Clickbank provides (edited for extreme verbosity):
    1. Banner ads, buttons, graphics, etc.
    2. Suggested keywords
    3. An FAQ
    4. General tips
    4a. “Insider information” about your niche
    5. Articles or topics
    6. Testimonials
    7. Step-by-step description of how to become an affiliate
    8. Additional pre-sales material, such as a video

#7 seems odd - like you want newbie affiliates?

Anyway, what's missing from their list?

What are your favorites for top importance?

Much appreciated folks!

_jim coe
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#7 may seem odd, but you never know who might be interested and where they're at in understanding of what to do.
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Thanks Grady,

I guess you have to avoid spending your time tutoring newbie affiliates - unless that's your business model. Tough for a guy with a "teaching streak" as wide as mine.
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The list is perfect. You may just want to modify a bit based from your product. Like for number 7, if you feel the "step-by-step on how to become an affiliate" is a bit odd, you can modify this into "getting started as an affiliate".

Good luck!

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Jv webinars are great if you can present/sell.

You really need to get inside the potential affiliates head and think about what would make it easiest/most effective for this person to start promoting and making money with your product.
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