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Why are my ads rejected?

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Why are my ads rejected?

I am planning to promote offers with custom landing pages (native ads) and the advertorial pages I prepare are being rejected from the native traffic sources, but when I go to Spy Tools, I can see that similar pages are being promoted into these traffic sources. Is the solution cloaking? Or are there any non-strict traffic sources for kind of ads?
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I doubt they use cloaking because the landing page is the same, even though the links are cloaked.

What platform are you running your ads to? It would help if you read carefully the dos and don'ts of that platform to avoid your ad being rejected.

I am guessing you are doing something against their rules.
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From my question, Where are you trying to submit your ads?
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I also suspect that you unconsciously broke some rules or regulations or some other crap. Maybe you should review the platform rules and contact the user support if possible (if any). Good luck with your problems (you really need it) :)
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You are trying to run Balckhat Ad?
Other people are doing because they know how to bypass ad review but you are not. If you can check others ad you will see.
Or just post your competitors ads here we could help you with.
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When your ads seem inappropriate to the audience or your images might violate the copyright issue. In most cases, these two are the reason.
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Having too much text in your ad image
This is a surprisingly common reason for Facebook ads to be rejected or have their reach limited. In fact, Facebook used to just have a cut-and-dry rule that if your ad image had over 20% of it covered in text, it would be denied
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One of the most widely recognized purposes behind promotions being dismissed today is on the grounds that the showcase URL doesn't coordinate the area that the advertisement is sending individuals to. ... The arrangement is to either leave the connection text clear when you make your promotion, or ensure your connection text coordinates your space.
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