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Which Marketing Service Gigs Is Best On Fiverr.com ?

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Which Marketing Service Gigs Is Best On Fiverr.com ?

Dear Affilorama Service Members

I'm quite new and looking for a marketing service on fiverr to find high quality customers who can buy my Affiliate Products, there are many services on Fiverr.com, I've bought some but wasting money because I'm quite new to this service and don't know exactly which is the best, so any of you have used and succeed by using it, can you please show me abit ?

With Many Thanks And Best wishes

Hao Ngo
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Hao Ngo

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Hi Hao Ngo,

Fiverr is not the right place to find buyers for your affiliate products. You should be doing SEO and SMM for this. Try to also do PPC campaign, start with a trial campaign and see if this works for you.

Also, to know how to do SEO and SMM, we have free lessons at this page here-> https://www.affilorama.com/lessons

I hope that helps!

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I agree with Mary that affiliate products are best promoted through SEO. I can attest to this because I’ve been using SEO for my blogging site for several months now and I’m getting more and more income from it.
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May be you can use Fiverr to find buyers via well-written articles through outsourcing. Yet you can succeed with affiliate marketing in this manner. Fiverr has to be put to good use in the way it has to be.
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if you do want to use fiverr, you may consider creating a gig on finding keywords by using traffic travis or article spinning service by using the article spinner in our tool area.
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Dale Dupree
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For quality results, you will likely need to pay more than $5.
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