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Where can I post high-quality articles?

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Where can I post high-quality articles?


I'm new to affiliate marketing in the US, however I have 5 years experience from Denmark.

In Denmark we have a members-only forum, where people share publishing opportunities on real websites. It is required that you deliver the article yourself, and usually the quality requirements are quite strict, demanding the content to be 100% relevant to the site it's posted on.

Does any of you know if these opportunities exist somewhere on this forum, or perhaps on other sites?

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Hi! I'm new here!
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Hi :)

Affilorama does accept guest posts. Please follow the guidelines below:

In-depth and concise post that follows a long-form content style. Our guest posts in general are 1,200- 1,800 words or more, provided they add value to the narration and are replete with examples, statistics, data points and images.

Well written and original content. With so much smartness around, we can do better than plagiarism!

We value posts that are not self-promotional in any manner. You can however give a link in your author bio.

Guest posts should cite any quotes, data, or third party content used.
The post should be well-formatted and checked for spelling errors and grammar. We have a special liking for stuff that has clear title, subheads and bold and noteworthy points.

Our team reserves the right to edit any guest posts as we see fit.

Please enclose a short bio with a link to your website/social account along with your favourite headshot in the Google Doc you shared. Kindly allow us to be able to edit it as well.

Please let me know if you have further inquiries.
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There are some high PR website where you can submit unique article like ezine article, sooper article etc.
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