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When Do I Use eLance To Outsource?

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When Do I Use eLance To Outsource?

In one video it says use elance to outsource and another it recommends NOT to use elance.
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Maybe Not to use it for specific kinds of outsourcing? Seems more and more there are specialized outsourcing sites popping up and some are pretty good.

But I don't know.

P.s You don't have to follow Affilorama exactly it is just a guide, it's best to test things on your own and figure out the world yourself. Do what works for you.
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Elance, along with oDesk, is one of the most reputable places to which you can outsource. Of course, there are bad eggs everywhere, so you should select your freelancer carefully.
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This is a wonderful post! is really informative for me. I liked it very much.
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Check the feedback of the service provider before assigning a task to him. This way you can pick the best workers when it comes to outsourcing.
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Elance, Freelancer and Odesk are three of the biggest outsourcing services at the moment. Before hiring a freelancer, make sure he has received good reviews or recommendations from previous employers. Also, be wary of those who are bidding at a very low price. You might also be getting a very low quality of service and result.

Good luck! :)
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When hiring a so called professional on a freelance site, you can't really verify their credentials or refererences and take the risk of hiring someone who doesn't know how to do the job right.

I would rather work with an established freelancer outside a freelance/gig type site. This person would have professional credentials, degree and plenty of online and offline work experience to back up their claims.
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