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What you can say about This?

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What you can say about This?

Hey, We've run Same offers on Two Networks. One Network Paid us on time and receive good feedback from advertiser and Other Network Making our Payment on hold and giving us punk reasons just for not to paid us. o_O I'll keep the two networks name secret for now. Waiting for your opinions.
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You can always check the vendor's review and feedback online to see if they have bad records. If the vendor cannot sort your issue asap, then might as well forget and switch to another platform.
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Did you make sure you checked out the second's Network TOS and if they are allowing the traffic sources you used on the first network?
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You need to visit your competitor than check its reviews and working on your competitor for better searches and google ranking.
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Paid network is always prefer to google. But unpaid network does work well if you handle it properly according to search engine.
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You may check comments on the internet and the seller's inspection to find out whether they have documents. If your problem asap can not be sorted by the seller, then may too forget and change to some other platform.
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It will not be ranked if you use the same text....
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You should test more than 2 networks. And continue working with those who will be paying you without any troubles. Forget about others.
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