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What is the best social media marketing strategy?

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What is the best social media marketing strategy?

What is the best Social Media Marketing strategy that we should use for branding or promoting business?
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Create quality content.
Engage on social media.
Improve on competitors' past content that did well on social media.
Produce and share visual content.
Create content in different formats.
Create a social media plan.
Use hashtags sensibly.
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8Social-Media Marketing Strategies for Companies

Start using chatbots.
Create a personalized experience for your customers.
Create an efficient content marketing strategy.
Create a community for your audience.
Jazz up your profiles with a diverse content strategy.
Use brand advocates.
Create profiles on the relevant channels.
Establish a social media budget.
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There is no such thing as the best platform. You will need to run your campaign to see if the platform best suits your campaign.
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Totally agree with Maryt. But anyway you need to post a lot, create a unique content that your followers are interested in, you have to be engaged and entertain your audience, also interact with your audience.
You can find your perfect social media platform by testing or have a couple account in different platforms
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