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What is an affilate link?

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What is an affilate link?

Can you give me some suggestions about affiliate links?
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Hi kelvinclark127,

What do you want to know about affiliate links? If you are just starting on affiliate marketing, I suggest that you take a look at Clickbank or perhaps Amazon. These are two of the most common affiliate networking companies.

You may want to also check out how to search for good niches and products as well as keywords. We have free lessons here- https://www.affilorama.com/lessons, which can help you learn affiliate marketing.

I hope that helps!

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An affiliate link is a link from a product or service provider (Amazon for example) that when placed on YOUR website generates commission every time someone clicks on it then makes a purchase on Amazon.
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An affiliate link is the hyperlink code given to members of affiliate programs. The affiliate link is displayed in webpages, emails, text ads, etc., and used to track referrals.

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Hi !
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geo.george.rge wrote:Hi !
Thanks For Nice Sharing Tips. I like To your Sharing. Good Job. Click here to go [Link removed]

Brilliant advertising technique there.
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Your question is, what are affiliate links?

The answer which you are seeking, is in your question -

First understand, What is an affiliate? And after knowing this, if your curiosity is aroused; if interest is awaken... you will find you answer. Yes, you have come 'to the right place, 'AFFiLORAMA'.... your journey begins here - best of luck
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Hi there!

Actually I still have a little understanding about that one, but I guess, it is what the other says. It is somehow a way of promoting your product or site. A link that serves as a bridge.
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By linking to a site using an affiliate link you can easily earn money off that person's product or service. Some affiliate programs are better than others. Always choose an affiliate program that offers extensive affiliate training and affiliate marketing resources.
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