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What Are The Best Advertising Methods?

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What Are The Best Advertising Methods?

I feel that forums and article submission sites are two effective advertising avenues for a budding affiliate marketer. Social networking sites can be good if they are used in a specific manner. Then there are some very good PTC sites. I mean 'paid to click' sites. What do you think about these sites when it comes to using them as advertising portals? I would say that they are very effective too.
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Hi Prasanth,

Between forum participation and article submission, the best method is forum participation. Not only do you get to contribute to the discussion and build users' trust, your site gets more traffic too because forums tend to be crowded with users who are looking for information.

Paid advertising methods like PPC aslo work, but it's becoming more and more stringent with its rules.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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The best advertising methods are Email and SEO. However Media Buying and display advertising can be very profitable and have a huge volume of traffic. Running Adult Dating Offers, Diet and Weight Loss Offers, and also Male Muscle Offers on traffic sources like Facebook. If you have enough budget to test different groups and ads, then Media Buying can make the most money. However, as far as long term business, email marketing is always king, SEO sites as well if you can get them to rank and get free traffic then sometimes that can be huge, but those are the best long term solutions.
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Email, SEO, Articles submission, and Forums posting are best marketing methods. If you have your clients contact number, sending them promotional sms message could a best way of marking. For this you have to make a database of your clients.
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If you are comparing between Forums and Article submission, then I am totally agree with cecille.l , that Forums are the best choice where you can start new conversation, participate in conversation related to your interest and the chances of Sales and conversion depends upon how well you participate. So, give your best and it will directly lead to sales and conversions.
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SMS Marketing is also good if you have already had a good contact list.
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