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What activities can trigger LinkedIn to ban your account?

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What activities can trigger LinkedIn to ban your account?

What activities can trigger LinkedIn to ban your account?
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Here are some activities that can trigger LinkedIn to ban your account:
1. Using multiple LinkedIn tools at the same time
2. Using Low-quality LinkedIn Tools
3. Sending Connect Requests Blindly
4. Sending Templates Messages
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Using LinkedIn automation tools to overdo things such as sending connect requests, messages to irrelevant people, sending too many sales-y messages, having too many pending invites, going against LinkedIn's ToS can get your account blocked.
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There are lots of reasons which can trugger the ban of your acount. The main principle on this service is to comply recommendations which are represented on this website. Actually, I suppose this platform is the best platform for searching for new leads and building marketing campaings, hence you should always comply the rules and never think about of biolating them, because it can lead to irreversible consequences. Of course, you can be suspected in actions which somehow violate the rules of this platform, but for the first time you can be just warned. The next time you will be banned. Do everything with caution in order to avoid the restriction of your account.
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Some of the most common reasons for blocked LinkedIn accounts include:

Having too many clicks and pageviews from your account.
Sending too many connection requests in a short space of time.
Having a low acceptance rate for those connection requests.
Too many people flag your invitations with 'I don't know this person
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Whenever you try to break LinkedIn rules. Be it overactivity, sending inappropriate messages to people, annoying people with a lot of follow-ups, or using a bot for data scrapping.
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I guess the worst activity that you can do here and that can really trigger a ban on this network is to spam people and send a huge amount of contact requests or messages. Also, if you are posting too frequently, if you overuse hashtags, if you write low-quality posts often, if you comment too much under posts of others, and so on. All this can be pretty confusing for algorithms, so to be safe, just act normal and don't use any of this methods.
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There are definitely things that you want to stay away from. Using automated bots to boost your connections, requesting too many people to connect with on a daily basis, too many people flagging your invitations, and posting inappropriate content.
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Suspicious ones =)

This information is available on their website, so violations of user agreement; creating multiple profiles from the same device; exceeding the number of connections per day; adding unknow people; lots of profiles' checking per day - all of these activities can be considered as suspicious ones and lead to the restriction of using Linkedin services.

Anyway, if you believe that your account was banned for nothing, then you can always contact customer support representatives and they will explain you in details why it was like that. There is nothing difficult to comply with these rules actually, even if you are a marketer.
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