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Top 3 ways to market a website

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Top 3 ways to market a website

Hi all!

Just wondering, if you had to say the best 3 methods in your opinion for marketing your website, what would they be?

What do you get the most success from? Whether it be traffic, leads or sales: what's the best bang for buck?
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There are various method for marketing your website or increase traffic to your website.

1.) Advertise your website or business by creating social media marketing and advertising that can attract your visitor that can surely generate lead for advertising.

2.) Create amazing blog :- Create an amazing blog and actively sharing on the blog with unique and quality content related to the category. Content is King, In Latest algorithm Google focuses more and more on content. Generate high quality content with relevant keywords and synonyms for those keywords, but focus more on the content.

3.) Social Profiles are More Important. Change on search engine algorithms has not just given importance on the content, but also depends more on social accounts. Social media presence is seo best practices. Maintain your presence in social account like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, and etc and update it on regular basis.

4.) Mobile-Friendly SEO - Mobile-Friendly SEO is a best practices in SEO.

5.) Use of Long tail keywords to Rank fast on Google searches. The main focus in 2015 will switch from keyword rankings to more important elements that would impact your ROI. If your top-ranked web page doesn’t generate conversions and sales, that top ranking doesn’t matter. You will need to apply new SEO strategies that focus beyond link building and keywords, and account for how your content engages with your audience and convinces them to convert into leads or sales.

6.) Proper link building will be more important. The changed term is how the search engines will interpret those back links coming to your website. The content will get most of the focus so you should think about relevancy and social popularity.

7.) Measure and Improve - Optimization is important if you track and measure from the beginning, you can continually improve. Google Analytic is the bare minimum for measurement and metrics – and it’s free. But it doesn’t always give you a complete picture.

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There are top 3 way to marketing your website.
1. Link building
2. Social media update
3. Create Blogs
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My 3 choices would be:

1. Article marketing
2. Forum discussion
3. Press releases
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My top 3 marketing methods are :
1. solo ads
2. social media marketing
3. blog and forum commenting

I put solo ads first because it's the fastest way to get traffic to a specific page on your site, like a sales or a squeeze page. It can get costly though so I don't really do it all that much and prefer the second and third methods on my list.
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My Top 3 marketing methods would be:
1. Content Creating
2. Links Optimization which benefits the SEO
3. Social Media Building
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There are several method in SEO to get rank your website niche in search engine. It is good to target the audience so that you will get good conversion.

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My top 3 marketing strategies would be:
Attraction Marketing
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Aman Sareen

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