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The Benefits of Producing an Affiliate Video

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The Benefits of Producing an Affiliate Video

Mark Link has nicely brought out the several benefits of producing an affiliate video. One might feel that recording and producing an affiliate video could be an expensive thing. It is actually not so. Affiliate videos do help the affiliates reach potential buyers in a different plane altogether! I really enjoyed the lesson and full marks to Mark for keeping affiliate video production easy and simple.

https://www.affilorama.com/content-crea ... ate-videos
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This is a good video. For a complete guide on affiliate marketing, you may check out our free lessons here.
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Speaking in Web terms, affiliate marketing involves 3 or 4 different parties: The merchant/advertiser, the affiliate marketer (an individual or company), the targeted consumer; and an optional affiliate network. Here’s a quick overview of the key players:
#The merchant seeks to advertise or sell products or services through individual affiliates, or a 3rd party affiliate network program (which partners merchants with affiliates.)

#The affiliate is a person or company which sends visitors to a website or web-based program in exchange for commissions. (It’s like being a commissioned sales person – online). An affiliate can operate directly with the merchant or can participate in a affiliate network program.
Affiliate marketing has been “traditionally” done with SEO, PPC, and display advertising. However more affiliate marketers today are realizing video can be a persuasive tool for generating more (and better quality) customer leads.

Opportunities and benefits of video in affiliate marketing today

This past year I’ve reported on a growing trend of video in affiliate marketing, including an interview with Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins, author of Successful Video Marketing for Merchants and publisher of the Affiliate Tip blog. Here’s a quote from my interview with Shawn on the benefits and opportunities of doing online video in affiliate marketing:
“I think the biggest opportunity is that video expands the real estate for affiliates – it’s a vast media segment that hasn’t been tapped much for monetization so far, so early movers have a lot to gain. Affiliate marketers today need to just jump in and start working with video. Otherwise, they’ll never really understand the dynamics.”
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Online affiliate marketing has been “traditionally show advertising, and completed with SEO, PPC. Nonetheless more online marketers today are recognizing video could be a persuasive tool for producing more (and better quality) customer prospects.
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anthonypartnerm wrote:Online affiliate marketing has been “traditionally show advertising, and completed with SEO, PPC. Nonetheless more online marketers today are recognizing video could be a persuasive tool for producing more (and better quality) customer prospects.

Very true. Google loves video content. Plus, video puts you as an authority in your niche, and a more lively interaction with your audiences.
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Creating affiliate videos can truly entice more customers. It is a persuasive tool since humans are born to be appreciative to anything visually well-created.
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