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Telegram Marketing: Why And How to Promote Products There?

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Telegram Marketing: Why And How to Promote Products There?

In a few words, Telegram is about simplicity, user-friendly interface, wide functionality, high data transfer speed, and security of operation. You just need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play, register with your phone number, and start using it. With a convenient search bar, you can find new contacts, topic channels, and groups by first letters or hashtags. You can also easily create your own channel and start sharing content and inviting subscribers!

In detail:

1. Telegram is considered to be the fastest and most secure messenger. Two-step authentication, secret chats with automatic removal of messages, option to delete active sessions on other devices (for example, if you logged into your account from someone else's device and forgot to log out).
2. Telegram offers the most stable system of message delivery, they are never lost even with a low connection. The drafts of your messages are saved even if the connection was lost.
3. The messenger is available for all systems: IOS, Android, Windows, Linux. There are online and desktop versions. In addition, you can log in from multiple devices at once: the number of simultaneous sessions is unlimited.
4. Telegram allows you to transfer files of any format: RAR archives, Excel tables, PDFs, MP3, and videos. The file size is limited up to 1.5 Gb.
5. Telegram uses cloud data storage. Your messages will be saved and restored even if you have lost your phone or deleted/restored the app.
You can even use Telegram as personal storage and database. Create folders for work, study, entertainment and add their relevant channels and groups. Or use the «Saved Messages» channel and forward their pictures, files, and useful links.

Telegram Features

Telegram Channel — is a communication tool between the author and the subscribers of the channel. Channels are special micro-blogs, where authors share information with an unlimited number of users instantly. There are two formats: private or public. Private channels are available only by special access links.

Only the author of the community has the right to send messages. Subscribers can only give likes, participate in polls, and read new posts. The channel owner can give administrator rights to one or more subscribers. When new users join they can see the whole chat history.

Channels open up a wide range of opportunities for self-realization and self-expression in any genre. Each user can share his or her creativity with the world and eventually be noticed by sponsors or monetize their creativity.

Educational and highly specialized channels serve as platforms for the exchange of professional experience and opinions of masters in a particular field. Groups of specialists discuss working points and ways of solving professional problems.

Entrepreneurs can use Telegram channels to advertise their product or service, raise brand awareness, and build a loyal customer community. Latest updates, case stories, and other topical materials can be delivered to the audience quickly. On the other hand, channel owners can get additional income from their channels through selling advertising.

To find channels, you need to click on the magnifier icon located in the top line. In the search bar, write the name of the chat, keywords, or topic. After that, the service will show a list of channels that match your request. Then you click on the channel, view content, and join it only if you like what you have found. You can also look for the catalogs and tops of themed channels on the Internet.

How can bots support your business?

1. Bots make it easy for users to explore the catalog, place orders, pay for them, check the status of the order, track delivery, etc. Bots can notify customers about discounts, bonus programs, and even provide short consultations.
2. Bots work as effective customer support, which stays active 24/7. They help solve problems and act like interactive FAQs.
3. Telegram bots are used for events. The bot helps followers receive information about speeches and speakers, collect feedback after the event, announce different activities, make advertisements, etc.

Telegram Marketing: Basic Steps

All these features make Telegram a unique platform for business development and communication with clients. Channels and bots are relatively new to the audience, they are not yet perceived as ad tools. People are more willing to join Telegram channels because they believe they get qualitative content and useful information there. They are engaged with the topic and not annoyed with notifications.

There are two ways for entrepreneurs how to use Telegram for marketing:

1. Use the official Telegram ad platform.
2. Buy ads in specialized services.

Official telegram ads platform

Recently, the founder of the app, Pavel Durov, announced an official ad platform within the Telegram messenger. Sponsored messages are only shown on Telegram channels with more than 1.000 subscribers, text size is limited to 160 characters with no pictures or external links. The ads are not displayed in group chats or private conversations. Durov believes that monetization should not interfere with users’ communications. The user will see the advertising message only after the author's content.

However, ad campaigns are available only after you top up the balance with 2 million euros. Where 1 million is spent on advertising, and the second part is frozen as a deposit. If the advertiser decides to terminate the contract with Telegram before spending 10 million euros on advertising in the last 12 months, Telegram takes the deposit for itself. If it succeeds, 1 million euros will be returned to the advertiser.

At the moment, the Telegram board wants to attract large advertising agencies that make money by managing their clients' ad campaigns and getting commissions. Large companies can afford to invest significant amounts of money because they won't stop using the platform if one of their clients goes bankrupt.

Telega.io ad Exchange
If you are new to Telegram advertising, if you have a limited budget, if you seek quick results with transparent analytics, if you want to save your time on searching and verifying trusted channels owners- use ads platforms on Telegram, such as Telega.io.

The ad platform connects owners of different Telegram channels with advertisers who want to advertise on Telegram and reach new customers. This service is an excellent tool for improving your marketing strategy.

One of the service's significant advantages is a safe deal option. When the advertiser pays for ad campaigns, the money is frozen till the channel owner makes the placement.

How to create Telegram ads

With Telega.io, you can create Telegram ads campaigns and launch them in a few clicks!

1. Choose suitable topics of channels in the catalog
2. Top-up your balance. Until you confirm the successful placement of your ads the owner of the channel will not get the money. In case your order is not fulfilled, the service will return the cost of placement to your balance.
3. You use an easy and convenient editor to write your ad post ( create one ad post for all channels ).
4. You use analytics to summarize your ad campaign results.
By the way, the platform supports all international payment channels: credit cards, PayPal etc.
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