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Software for creating promotion pages

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Software for creating promotion pages

Hey guys! new member here.
I am creating several promotion pages for different products I promote. Up until now I was using LP templates from across the web, yet I want to make my promotions more versatile.

Was wondering what Graphic software, besides Photoshop, has high-level results in seamless, colorful, Eye-grabbing pages.

Awaiting your replies!
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You can check out Photoscape (this is a free software) or simply go to Camtasia's site. Aside from video editor, they also have free graphic editor tools that you can use for promotion.
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@Maryt is right. I can also recommend Photoscape since I was able to use that before as I was creating a promotional page for the offers which are usually displayed in my offerwall...:)
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I would simply recommend the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite..

With Muse you can make great landing pages, although that program itself is not for graphic design, but creating websites.

What's the problem with Photoshop? Why don't you want to use it?
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I used Photoscape software for the promotion of the pages but I need to tell you that try to work with organic ways not by using the software. You can also use Social Media for the promotion of the pages :)
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I will recommend for you Adobe Creative Cloud Suite..
It is good but more than photoshop :( You should use photoshop :)
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You can try Photoscape free software. You can promote your site from this soft.
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There are famous 10 Image editor software..Google for it.. I have lost the link :(
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