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Shopping from United States

darel t
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Shopping from United States

I always use a free service from Viaddress.com to shop from the United States because they provide you with a free US virtual address so you can shop from any US merchant or US eBay seller and have Viaddress forward your packages to your house.

You can register for free on http://www.viaddress.com , you will receive an email with your US address instantly, and you can start using it for shopping on any US merchant including Amazon & Ebay.

You can also have Viaddress buy your products for you with no commission fees if the US merchant doesn't accept international credit cards.
It's really useful, check it out: http://www.viaddress.com
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That is so cool Darel...! like me I am also a shopaholic!...that way It will be more easier for me and so much time saving on my part!...thanks for the info!
have a great day!
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There's actually lots of services like that around. The one I use, which was recommended to me by paypal, provides me with an Ohio address, and that's a tax-free state so it's advantageous for me.
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Hi Fara,

Could you provide the company name or link that you use for your US shipping in Ohio?


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