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Reviews for more than one product

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Reviews for more than one product

I have been watching from the wings of all the wonderful info on this site.

Atm I am working my way through the videos (yea-they are great) and I have a product in mind also competitors (same product) am I better off just promoting one of the products and then review the one product or do I promote all 3 through the review on the same website?

Many thanks

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Hi Jenny,
I would make separate pages for each product and review it.
Then make another page with all 3 on the same page and review side by side comparisons.
That way you can target what you like with articles and PPC later on.
Just my opinion.
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Hi Jenny, glad to hear that you're enjoying the site!

Depending on what kind of product you want to promote (some more information would help), it can be better to promote multiple products, as you are more likely to make multiple sales to the same customers. Though obviously this depends on the kind of product your promoting... some products are better to multiple sales than others.

I like Troy's advice, which is kind of doing a 'best of both' strategy. For pay per click you may well want to have just a single product review, and the more content you have in the site the more reliable your page will be and the lower you'll pay for PPC.

You may also want to try different variations using split testing - which involves showing a few different versions of pages to users, and analyzing which convert best. This way you will know for sure whether single product or multiple product works best.
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In my experience: whatever strategy you take, always have an opt-in page on those product review pages. You get a chance to contact them again and you can often sell them all three products over time. I know this might sound like a distraction for visitors but its way better than losing a buck for those five second visitors and it works!
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