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Has anyone used Rankbuilder? it sounds promising and i got a email from Mark Ling on it, but he does not mention it in Affiloblueprint or Affilorama.. it's very reasonable price is very tempting, but i know that it's going to take a good amount of time to learn and get use to the product. to be quite frank I do not like spending lots of time on products that do not measure up. If someone who has used it could let me know their experience with Rankbuilder, would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Dale Dupree
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Hi nessa900,

I haven't personally tried RankBuilder so I can't give you feedback on it. There's a thread on the Warrior's Forum about it too that might help: RankBuilder?

There are several review I saw when I searched for the product, and you might want to look at those too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I hope RankBuilder will be useful to an Internet marketer that is bent upon finding ways to boost his link popularity. It should be good especially if recommended by a person like Mark.
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I haven't try using Rankbuilder but sounds really interesting, hope it will become useful to an online advertiser like me.
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Rank Builder is create long time beneficial for getting backlinks and increase traffic to our website. It is most of time use for online marketing website quality maintain.
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