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Promoting video and PDF

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Promoting video and PDF

Hi everyone!

I wanted to know the checklist or how to promote a particular video or pdf doc.There is twitter, facebook,etc but how can i promote taking into consideration that we are a small start up, dont have much followers in twitter and fans in facebook. And please dont give vague answers like comment in a blog or promote in twitter.would be hlpful if the answer is specific.
Please provide a checklist.Would be vrey helpful
Thanks a lot!!!
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Hi Abdul,

To promote your site in social media sites, then you need to engage the users .You may not have a lot of followers in Twitter, but if that small group of followers all form your target market then make sure to let them know about the video or PDF. You might want to write an article about the video or the PDF then post that on your site then tweet the link to that post.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Personalization. If you have only a small amount of followers, find out more about each one and engage them on a personal level. Tell them why your new video or PDF is relevant to them and how it can help. Also, offer to help them, compliment them and show why you're a good guy to help out.
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For the pdf: see if this site helps you
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You can promote your video and PDF by sharing it on the virtual site with a much larger number of audience. You can upload the file to prominent social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This approach will of great help in making your video reach all target audience.
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Here's one idea that you might not have considered. You might use a content locker that allows the PDF to be viewed or downloaded by your member if they will simply share your post on Facebook or Twitter. Another idea is to use a 'tell a friend' script that gives the pdf or video away for free in return for the emails/names of three friends. That way each person coming by your site to watch the video or download your pdf would be required to subscribe their friend to a list for mailing before accessing the content. This will be a useful tip for doubling your promotion efforts.
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Submit your PDF to following website.
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