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Сollect a farm of 500 Facebook accounts in 30 minutes

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Сollect a farm of 500 Facebook accounts in 30 minutes

Have a nice day, everyone!

Welcome to the Scenum.io service team. We have been working on the correct warming up of Facebook accounts for several years now and we want to tell you a lot of secrets on how to make accounts of better quality and cheaper. We have prepared for you many interesting topics about warming up and working on Facebook. You can also ask your questions about warming up in this thread and we will answer !!

And today we will tell you how to make a farm for warming up accounts, which will itself warm up high-quality accounts and they will be cheap.

But before that, I will tell you the basic rules for creating warmed up high-quality and cheap Facebook accounts:

- all the farm on one device (the service works through the Google extension installed in the antidetect browser profile and therefore, after creating and warming up accounts, you can run in the same profile, without moving to another browser)

- constant analytics and adjustment of farming scenarios (it is important to use constant monitoring of account statuses and account "trust" analytics. There is a fairly clear pattern of trust indicators when we consider that the account is warmed up or going according to plan) - I will talk about this in next articles!

- the most human-like behavior of the account (FB does not monitor all accounts. Its AI uses the statistical distribution of all accounts or for certain segments of accounts. And if the accounts begin to deviate from this distribution, then they fall under observation. This is a conditional representation of the work of their AI. Based on the trust. The account also has limits on actions. Based on this understanding, we tried to put our AI into work algorithms and scripts that gradually increase the account trust, gradually increasing the limits and performing the necessary actions (creating fp, bm, 2fa, etc.)

- full automation of all stages farm - if you do not automate the farm process completely, then how will it differ from the "manual" one. This issue had to be resolved as efficiently as possible and without loss of quality. In our case, a farm of 500-1000 accounts can be managed by one person spending 30 minutes of time on this, you can get cheap and high-quality accounts!

This of the main ones, but they determine the success of the pharmaceutical process as a business that must pay for itself. Using these and some other principles, we manage to create high-quality warmed-up accounts with a cost of $ 1-2, taking into account consumables and payment for the work of heating management managers.

Now we will use an example to show how to create a mini-farm of farm accounts. By repeating this, you will most likely get a great result in the form of great accounts from which you can launch or sell.

We will create a mini-farm for 10 accounts on a weak VPS. We will use mob proxies and our accounts registered for mail.

Having assembled such a mini-farm, you can just as easily assemble a farm for 1000 accounts.

We will need:

- Scenum.io tariff 10 (7 days free trial);

- VPS (virtual server), we charge on serverdale.com will come in, you need a vpn), the Duo or Trinity tariff should be enough. Or you can work on your own computer, but it will be a little inconvenient;

- antidetect (we recommend Dolphin anty or AdsPower);

- mobile proxies of the country that are available to you. Take it from the seller for a test and check the work of proxies for the speed and clarity of the reboot using the link. You can also use proxies made from a mobile phone;

- accounts (there are two approaches to accounts):

These are registration of accounts through a mobile application (phone, creator, emulator)

registration of accounts through Scenum to mail or phone.

Let's go create!


- buy a server on Serverdale.com, select the operating system Win serv 2019

- open the port for managing the antidetect

1. Switch to the command line mode (it is called from the menu to execute - by the cmd command)

2. After switching to cmd mode, type powershell there

3. Next, enter the following script:

For AdsPower:

New-NetFirewallRule -Name Allow50325 -DisplayName 'Allow 50325' -Enabled True -Direction Inbound -Protocol TCP -Action Allow -Profile ANY -LocalPort 50325 -RemoteAddress


For Dolphin Anty:

New-NetFirewallRule -Name Allow3001 -DisplayName 'Allow 3001' -Enabled True -Direction Inbound -Protocol TCP -Action Allow -Profile ANY -LocalPort 3001 -RemoteAddress You

should see something like this:


- set the dolphin to 100 profiles

- install notepad++

Register on Scenum.io (7 days free trial, to get the 15 days farm scenarios you need to ask @ScenumSupport in telegram)
After registering with the service, you will receive an email with login information and a link to the extension.
To get started, you need to enter your personal account with the login details specified in the registration letter.
Upon successful login, you will see your personal account


Initially, there are no accounts in it. If you can’t set it up, you can always write to the support telegram @ScenumSupport

Separately, I want to pay attention to the formation of the extension in our constructor scenum.io/get-zip . Fill in all the fields as much as possible so that in the future you can use the full functionality of the service.


As a result of this step, we should have a server set up with antidetect for 10 profiles and an office with 10 extensions. All of this is API integrated.


We connect a proxy and distribute it into groups.

Usually we connect 20-30 accounts to 1 mobile proxy. It is possible and 50, but it will work a little slower and less efficiently.

In this scheme, we will hang all 10 accounts on 1 mobile proxy and will not group them.

In a multibrowser, we assign a proxy to all profiles and see these extensions in the Scenum cabinet. Also, for proper operation, we need to configure a proxy reboot (change the IP address) before each script run.

We do it this way - Create an action of the GenCookie type

You can also look at our wiki

And set the first action in all scenarios.


We also need to set the number of threads = 1. This is necessary so that all accounts are launched sequentially one after another with a proxy reboot.

We got the integration of 10 Scenum extensions + multibrowser.

Profile warming up.

Before registering accounts or adding them to profiles (if you have not already added them), you need to warm them up. You need to go to sites with a fb pixel. To do this, as part of the 14-day farm scenarios, there is a Scenario - PreFarm - it is responsible for the initial warming up of the profiles. Thus, you need to warm up the profiles

Adding accounts.

As already mentioned, we can add either ready-made accounts or register using scenum (for example, to a number and then unlink the number so that a check does not arrive at the number)

Let's go along the registration path, because adding is simple and can be used at any time.

For registration, we need to create a Registration action with parameters like this:



After creating the action, we must add an action to reboot the proxy before registration

Now we collect these two actions into one script, let's call it Registr_Acc_Br


Now we can run it. We select our warmed-up profiles in the office and install our Registr_Acc_Br script for them and run it.

As a result, we will get 10 registered scenarios.

Now we can fill them with the Autofill action and start farming the first scenario from our installed kit.

After a few days of farming (the names of the scenarios indicate which days they need to be launched, but some start faster), you will have interests and other parameters. A page (fanpage) will be created. You can also set up 2FA (2-factor authentication) using the Set2Fa action and create an ad manager and BM (business manager). There are special actions for all these functions.

After warming up the accounts, you can upload them to a telegram bot or to a file on github (a cloud service that the scenum service works with. It allows you to work with files and pictures in different actions).

As a result, we got a mini-farm on 10 accounts and farmed them. Having understood the essence and simplicity of creating such farms, you will no longer need to farm high-quality accounts, and perhaps you will be able to supply high-quality farms for sale to your colleagues.

If you have any questions - we will be happy to answer you!

All profit!
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Detailed thread but proper formatting will help users to get the overview quickly and easily.
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soleseriouss wrote:Detailed thread but proper formatting will help users to get the overview quickly and easily.

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