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New to FB ads+clickbank , need help

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New to FB ads+clickbank , need help


I'm new to affiliate marketing, currently learning facebook ads + clickbank product (nutra offer).

I have some issues understanding which parts of a funnel need improvement and what are the good/average conversion rates between parts of the funnel.

I once saw a great video on youtube explaining a good 'transition/conversion' rates between parts of a funnel (i.e % between ad and squeeze page, between squeeze page and thank you page, between thank you page and landing page, etc.) and how those help to understand the points to improve but I cannot find it anymore.

The funnel is: fb ad- squeeze page (email submit for a freebie, which triggers a couple weeks worth of automatic emails) - thank you page - landing page vsl - quiz - order form - purchase

The stats so far are:

FB - link clicks - 189 , ctr- 8%, unique ctr-10% (data from facebook)
leads - 115 (data from facebook)
thank you page - 101 (data from website analytics - i guess a couple could be coming organically from instagram/pinterest)
landing page - 34 (data from website analytics)
order form impressions - 2 (clickbank)
sales - 0 (clickbank)

I've also created retargeting campaigns, but those are not running and using the budget and I haven't figured out why yet.

I understand that I might need more data for a more accurate picture but knowing good/average conversion rates between parts of the funnel would be of a great help. Any other advice and suggestions would also be welcomed, struggling and not sure what to change to get things going.
Thank you.
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Clickbank Ads on Facebook
How to Run Facebook Ads for ClickBank

[list=]Go to Ads Manager.
Select the 'Create ad' option.
Choose an object eligible for Audience Network.
Pick who you're targeting at the ad set level.
Choose the 'Edit placements' option.
Choose your preferred device type.
Check the ad placement options from the Audience Network menu.[/list]
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You can get ideas or solutions from Youtube videos. There have a lot of videos on these topics.
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Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to promote ClickBank links directly, you need to create a landing page and the cost of advertising on Facebook is somewhat high.
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