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Monetize your traffic with Pulsar Ads Affiliate Network

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Monetize your traffic with Pulsar Ads Affiliate Network

We’ll help you to get high conversion and convert your traffic into real earnings.
Currently we're looking for Partners to promote our Direct and Exclusive offers on CPA, CPL, CPS and CPI basis.
I understand you're busy and want to respect your time so please let me know the best time for us to chat and discuss our possible cooperation.
You can also reach me on Skype (ivan.pulsarads) if that is easier for you.
Looking forward to speaking with you.
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Opens access to a platform to join the affiliate programs of leading global brands. Use a wide range of Admitted tools to monetize traffic for various business. So advertising and PR campaigns without bloggers are becoming a rare sight.
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I am sorry but what this have to do with some social activity like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram maybe ? I am more than sure that mostly all this traffic is some display banners, popups, popunders, intesistials, mobile and desktop pushes and things like that, corrrect ?
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Do you have any rate card and some invenotory brochure for your network out there ? Please do let me know cause there are so much ad networks and I rarely heard about yours and that's really it no matter what. Please explain this all to me;)
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The conversion doesn't rely on your expertise. You'll receive access to this interface that can allow you to maintain of the advertising campaigns Once you cheated. Pulsar Ads provides you a chance to use services to acquire cash.
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