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Marketing Trends in 2018

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Marketing Trends in 2018

At present, people talk about the 4.0 era. So what do you think 2018 marketing trend will be?
Can you discuss it?
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Authenticity is key advancement in 2018 influencer marketing strategy. Customers are able detect influencer-brand collaborations that seem forced and call them out, which is why savvy marketers will focus on building organic relationships with influencers that mesh with their brand in 2018.
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Social media marketing and publishing good content will still be a trend and more than ever, plays an important role in building a product or brand.
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Publishing content that gathers links from quality sources, that are niche relevant, will grow to be an important trend. Concept such as "linkbait" articles, will also grow in importance, as marketers learn the value of combing social media, SEO and quality content.
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Hello friend,
I think Social Media Marketing is best trends ever.
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Being creative will always get you far. Understanding your customers journey. I focus mainly on social media and video marketing and writing blogs to build/grow the brand.
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