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Marketing on YouTube using Short Little Videos

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Marketing on YouTube using Short Little Videos

Dear Mark Ling....

or anybody with relevant input.....

I am going to get involved in Affiliate Marketing and
I want to start selling Digital products from Clickbank
on YouTube.....

Is it advisable to use multiple YouTube accounts
with different usernames?

Is it better to use a different YouTube account
for every product I am trying to promote?

I was thinking like I could have one account
where I was promoting a weight loss
product....and then another account promoting
a dog training kind of thing....and then another
account promoting etc., etc., etc....you get
the point.

Is it better that way - to have multiple accounts?

Also, if I did post videos on YouTube, for financial
reasons, I could only do one of those cheap videos
where the only thing that would be in the video
would be just an image of the website that I
was ultimately linking off to...and that's it.

I'd give the video obviously a relevant headline
and in the description box I'd have my affiliate
link in the TinyUrl or CLI.gs format with some brief

I don't have a microphone as of yet so I wouldn't
be able to talk about the benefits of the product....
in the future I will be doing that, though.

So, that's what I can only afford to do right now.

I don't know...what do you think?

Can it work? Could it work? Do you know of any people
who do this and only this?

And, if so, does it work for them?

And another thing, Will YouTube penalize me for
uploading videos with my affiliate link?

Does YouTube get wise to affiliate offer type
videos and remove these videos?

And, lastly, let's say I made like a 100 of these
cheap little videos where it was just a frozen
image of the product I was promoting.....does
YouTube penalize you if you upload a 100 videos
one right after another? Should something
like a 100 videos be uploaded maybe 15 videos
per day across a 7 day period?

So...all right.....those are my concerns and

Thank you so very very much, Mark and Company!




I just remembered something....

I thought I heard you say in one of the free
interviews on your website Affilorama that you
did, in fact, know some people who all they
did was promote on YouTube - and they
were making a killing!

You wouldn't happen to know their
youtube account name or channel,
would you?

I'd love to see the videos they put together
to promote their products.

I could shadow their marketing techniques.



Incidentally, after watching several videos I started
to notice that a lot of marketing people seem to
have a dog fetish!


Everytime I watch your videos I wait until those
immortal words come up, "Dog Training".

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Hey MonkeyMan or did you mean "Money" Man - lol..

Some people have used Youtube as a lead generation source. Here are a few pointers:

1. You can get into the grey/black area if you are not careful. This means that you can actually get your videos deleted or account removed IF you have a video that somehow does not provide value to youtube - I had done a video with just a link in it and it got removed - no big deal
2. DEPENDING if you are doing grey/black hat stuff determines how you proceeed - If you feel that you are doing things that are not adding value, your videos risk being deleted and you will have to have many accounts and many videos cause they will get deleted time and time again
3. If you are doing valuable stuff, your account should be fine and you can have themed accounts - one account for do training and one account for weightloss for example
4. Try to have your keyword in the username of the video and descriptions as shown below also make some watermarks and a call to action at end of video:
5. Here is an example of MY channel http://www.youtube.com/user/businesscardmaker
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Thank You Kindly for your response.

Your YouTube video was a real eye-opener.

It helped a lot.

I'll take the first step and try to make videos like that
and I'll see what comes of it.

In regards to my name, when I was signing up to the
course I was listening to the song, "Monkey Man" by
The Rolling Stones.

If I knew then that I'd be spending hours on Mark's website
watching videos, I think maybe I would've chosen a different

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just like any other site, i recommend using youtube to send people to a landing page on your own site. Write up a product review, maybe offer a few bonuses, and llink to your own site rather than someone elses. This way you build an asset rather than just linking out to other sites. Also it looks more like you are trying to help people make a choice rather than just trying to milk them for a few bucks.
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Any recommendations on where I can get a video made for youtube? I have a power point and want voice added so that I can add to your tube. Would appreciate recommendations.
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I use Cam Studio to make really nice youtube videos. its a free software that does screen capture. good quality, videos, then I edit them with windows movie maker which comes with windows.
cam studio has an option to record through your speakers if you dont have a mic. not sure how that works exactly, but you may try that. otherwise, i got a cheap headset for $10 at walmart when i first started. it wasnt the best, but better than nothing at all.
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Do you want to use your online content to Educate others, inspire them to action, and run a profitable business for yourself and your family? I can help you get started
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Is there a place to get royalty free music for videos?

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