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Looking for Email Campaign Templates

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Looking for Email Campaign Templates

I'd really love to find some sample email template documents that I could view and use to create my own, really struggling to write them from scratch.
Can anyone help please.
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Are you using AWeber? Mailchimp? Fluttermail? Something else?

Each mail-sending-thingbob has a different template language, so a bit more detail would help.
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Hi zealmark,

Aletta is right. Each autorresponder has their own set of email templates. Most can be accessed only when you've signed up for their service. Mailchimp offer free HTML templatesand Campaign Monitor has a free template builder.

Hope that helps,. Have a good day!
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Are you referring to templates as in "design and layout" or example copy to study the flow and progression?

Affilojetpack has email followup sequences for several different niches, although I would highly recommend rewriting and tailoring to your voice.

You can also study what others send and begin to work out your own plan.
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