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Just do it! (like Nike ;-))

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Just do it! (like Nike ;-))

We've all been through the stages of thinking and planning about Internet marketing. We have gone through the phase of downloading the latest Red Hot IM books / courses / videos off the Internet, and jumped to the next attractive method without even trying out the first method or any of the methods, as a matter of fact. We all did it once, and some still do up to this day!

The fact of the matter is that success comes to those who 'struggle' for it! Notice the 'struggle' part, not 'think',not 'learn',not 'read',but to take an 'Honest-to-God' effort for doing something practical. It should be noted for a fact that certain solid and practical actions are required from you. As my mentor puts it, three things are to be followed in a consecutive order ie Action, Fire, Aim! - What the heck! Yes, you read it right. Aiming for the stars can be done at any time later, but you have to really make some bold practical steps first if you want to make some significant progress.

You may be asking, what if we take the wrong steps? We must learn all the methods of this vast subject matter, and then we would be ready. Let me tell you straightaway, you'd be wrong! Learning is a lifelong process, and starts the day you are born, to the end of your life. No one stops learning, and neither should you! But this does not mean you should leave that all so important part of implementation for later and wait until you are ready. If this is the road you have taken, then I am afraid you will never be successful!

One example that comes to my mind is of doctors as Medicine is a constantly changing field. A vast number of medical reports, techniques, discoveries, research papers, etc are published daily. Have you seen doctors obtain full theoretical knowledge before they start practicals. Off course not! They need to study the basic medical subjects to gain their MBBS degree, and then they start medicine practice right away! The learning and knowledge updating process continues along the side of their medical practice for the rest of their working lives. The same principle applies to internet marketers as well.

If you are thinking that they take 5-6 years, and we need to spend at least a year or two to gain some knowledge as well. I can assure you that in all honesty, it takes no more than a month to acquire the basic knowledge of internet marketing, if you put in the hours, and the IM success rate depends more on your personal experience than anything else. If you already know the basics, it's time to jump in! How exciting! Look at it as a challenge. You may not be successful at first, but it's a learning experience anyway.You could enjoy success later once you have gained the necessary practical experience.

As for catching up with the latest marketing methods is concerned, set aside some time daily for a while, say 1 or 2 hours to read some new material and explore other possible methods for making profits. But let me remind you, that should not exceed the time put in the practical work towards achieving that goal.

Your first steps will start small. Master them and then move on to greater challenges. But the key to success in Internet Marketing, and for that matter anything in the world is 'Action'. Put in the work now, you can always learn later, both from personal experience and the experience of others.
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Ryzon is spot on. We should not allow ourselves to be caught up in "analysis paralysis" and procrastination. If you really want to succeed, do something about it.

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The truth. That is how I do it.
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In any endeavor, it is always attitude that makes a difference. Affiliate marketing is like any other project or job, it requires hard work and it can be tough. Having a persevering, can-do attitude will help a lot in succeeding in this field.
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This is why 20% of people online make 80% of all the money. You've got to have focused consistent effort on one thing at a time. Jumping only empties your bank account, I can attest to this. I struggled for years before I learned this valuable lesson. Pick one thing that you think you'll like to do, and stick with it until it makes money, then you can move on to something else.

If you do it this way you'll make money, I am sure of it.
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I have repeated Just do it! to myself, when I feel I am a bit paralyzed by the information
overload - it is today's internet marketing biggest reason, why many people
fails and will keep failing.

This information overload keeps people unfocused and he just can't do it.
He just spend major of his time for joining and joining - no determination
for themsielf. Many ads are bombards him mindset and he just like to read
ads and check new offers nothing more - they will never earn money,
they just always keep spending money.

Let's take the newbie for the IM or NM - you coach him one (he keeps
saying you "that is great I will do that") - on - one
and next day he send you commercial offer with other opp. with him
aff. link. He just joined into other program or service to promote.

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