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Is Skype or Snapchat better for advertising & cust support?

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Is Skype or Snapchat better for advertising & cust support?

What are your criterias? Comment below.

Some resources:
1) https://bit.ly/2WexBdj
2) https://bit.ly/3798uxo
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I'm perplexed by the question as these two platforms are so vastly different that I can't imagine how to begin a comparison. Their purpose and demographics are so different that the choice on which is best for advertising would depend upon the audience.
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For communication
Snapchat is a platform perfect for customer service with Snapchat's texting, video conferencing, and call features. Although the risk of a data breach or call hacking can be argued against a lot, unlike Skype, which has industry-grade encryption. Here, with its communication method, we believe that Skype triumphs and definitely should be explored for business use. It is also a good video conference tool for Skype for Companies, also known as Teams, and is ideal for office use. Teams have a commitment-free approach that can be tried by all before completely adapting.

For Advertising
For this very basic reason, both Snapchat and Skype are worth a shot in terms of advertising: Objective. Here, if you target the youth audience and are good with video material, we suggest using Snapchat. Consider Skype which is far more efficient with its full spectrum of functions and networks, for all other goals.
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Snapchat is definitely better. No one wants to open their inbox and find an advertising message. On snapchat you have better profile than on skype and you can even add your own bio and the lens included. You can then add posts and have live stores where you talk about what you have to offer. It is a much better option.
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If you want to try then you should use snapchat That is because snapchat is limited. Skype is just like a calling service and does not have the live story mode is snapchat. If you want to get your targethne you need to do it better and the only way to d that is with snapchat.
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In this case, Snapchat is best for advertising & cust support.
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Yes, This is a great thing and the best platform for advertising.
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I think Snapchat is the best option for advertising & cust support.
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They are both better for advertising but I prefer skype since i am a desktop user.
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As my practice shows, skype is used most often for feedback with people. So skype is more suitable for customer support.
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