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Is It Profitable to Buy Tweets?

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Is It Profitable to Buy Tweets?

There are some tweet software on the Internet. It is learned that they deliver quality traffic to our sites through tweets. Is it profitable to use such software? Do I run the risk of my Twitter account getting terminated if I use the software?
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Most of the tools and software for Twitter provide you with automated and scheduled tweets, which makes it easier to send out regular tweets to your followers. There are also tools that let you add and follow members who are interested in your brand/company. Most of these tools limit your following per day (as far as I am aware of) since you can only follow up to 1k users per day. So there is really no danger in using tools for Twitter but it would help if you are aware of the terms and conditions of Twitter to avoid being terminated.

Also, Affilotools provides you with the Twitter tool which lets you send out scheduled tweets. This is free to use. Just go to Our Products> Affilotools (on the top menu) to access and use Affilotools.
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Sounds bogus.

There's no shortcut to getting good traffic. You have to put in the work and be consistent.

Pick 1 traffic method and become a master at it, be that twitter, facebook, blogging, youtube, etc.

Don't buy tweets or fall for those services because what happens after you buy those tweets?

You still won't have a following to get traffic to come back. You'll have to keep buying more tweets (which probably won't payout anyways).

Focus on the long-term goal not short-term. You're building a business, which means getting REAL people to follow and like you. That's not gonna happen buying tweets.
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It is profitable only if you have huge account with a lot of ALIVE followers
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I strictly against to buy tweets, only handwork is the key of success.
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