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Is Article Marketing Losing its Charm?

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Is Article Marketing Losing its Charm?

What do you think about the present condition of article marketing as a method of driving traffic? Is article marketing still ruling the SEO world? Or has it died a slow death? Article marketers have begun to feel that not much has been derived from their efforts. Article marketing can succeed only if the marketer's links are clicked by the readers. This is where the actual problem lies. Most readers leave the page after going through the article without clicking the link to the marketer's site. Do you have a different experience with article marketing?
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Article marketing still works.

That is if you know how to do it correctly.

Don't just write for the sake of getting 1st page rankings by stuffing keywords.

But write naturally like how you will when you are writing essays in schools.

When people look for information, they don't just look at articles or blogs related to the keywords they typed.

They also look for solutions which might solve their inner problems in typing those keywords.

What you need to do is to identify those problems and compiled a list of answers into your own article.
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The same is with most things in Internet marketing nowadays, it still works if it's done right.

Google and Internet users are more intelligent now and will spot rubbish.

If you are careful about selecting the right locations for positioning your article marketing and investing in great content that will truly offer information and engage then yes it still works.
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Google and Internet users are more intelligent now and will spot rubbish.
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