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IG Automation Proxies

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IG Automation Proxies

Hi , I'm new to IG automation, and these days, if I understand correctly, proxies are a must.
I don't know anything about networks and coding, so I can't really tell the difference between different types of proxies.

The more expensive ones obviously work better, but I don't know what kind of proxy I should be using? I purchased a $1 proxy, and it's very bad lol.

Why are there so many types of proxies? IPv6, IPv4, 4G and what do these all mean?
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The Best Instagram Proxy Providers

Smartproxy. Moderate private intermediaries for Instagram mechanization.
Luminati. 4G and static private intermediaries with the most highlights.
GeoSurf. Quality static and turning private intermediaries with a huge number of urban areas.
High Proxies.
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Below you can find the list of providers we recommend getting proxies from for Instagram automation with Combin. All of the listed were tested and proved to be compatible and stable.

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Luminati is arguably one of the best proxies for private use that’s currently available out there. This is because they have many different features on offer, which include things like data center and mobile phone, and residential proxies.
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