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Idea for website...your opinions?... How to implement?

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Idea for website...your opinions?... How to implement?

Hello all...
I am very new to affiliate marketing and have been enjoying this forum and the lessons.

I have an idea for a site which I hope someone could give me some suggestions on how to set up.
The goal of the site would be one of attracting traffic, building an email list from the traffic and then selling related products to that list over time.

The way I think I could get the traffic is by setting up a site for people who are in the market to buy a new for example... pair of ski boots (that's not the product I'm thinking of but just as an example).

The site would be set up like a sort of searchable data base where someone looking for information about ski boots could simply click on a brand they are interested in, the color, the size etc and get a list rating broken down into categories such as "True to Size", "Quality of Materials", "Comfort", "Accessories"....etc. Maybe the ratings would be by 1-5 starts, or a point value or something like that.

The ratings would be provided by other people who have purchased that item. People who had already purchased a particular brand or style of "ski boots" could rate that item. No comments or reviews on the item, just strictly a rating by giving for example 4 out of 5 stars in the "True to Size" category.

Over time ratings of different products would grow as more people rated items, the more usable and valuable the information would be for people looking to buy "ski boots", thus generating traffic which would then become an email list to market ski related products to.

So a couple of questions....
    Can this be set up in Wordpress and if so how?
    What would be the incentive for visitors to give me their email address?
    What is your opinion of this idea?

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Hi kimlunning,

Welcome to Affilorama!

That sounds like a good site, but it would be a large undertaking for sure. I am not certain Wordpress is the best option for this as what you've described would require programming. Not really too technical but you might need a different software to build the site so that it can have all that functionality.

What would be the incentive for visitors to give me their email address?

You can tell them that they will be notified of any sale or get discounts when they sign up.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi kimlunning,

That is a good idea but like Cecille said, it's more complicated to make and WordPress won't be the framework you'll need. I am guessing Magneto or any good e-commerce framework would best fit your website.

I hope that helps!

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It seems that you will be having a good start in building up your website. Basically, the foundation of building it is to be careful in getting a domain name. Check also your keywords. I know you already knew how to check this one. Write original articles. This may help your business to grow.
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