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I Need To Create A YouTube Video

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I Need To Create A YouTube Video

I need to create a YouTube video. The following are the requirements:-

it should last 3 to 5 minutes.
it should NOT be one that uses Animoto or anything similar to it.
it should provide honest advise about self-improvement.
the title should be Personal Growth Definition.
you can use Camtasia or create power point slides.
you could also use webcam and give a face it.
voice must be clear and pleasant.

If interested please tell me your charge for the job and how long you will take to complete the job.
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When I've had videos made, there are a few places I've gone to that will allow you to target professionals with the right skill set (of course I'm not saying this won't be up the alley of some of the Affilorama members, but their probably busy with their own site videos). :)

For most of my outsourced work, I use eLance (www.elance.com). If you have not used eLance or a similar site, then you should check them out. These sites bring together people who are looking to hire for small jobs (or larger) with people who may have the skills for that job.

The process is pretty simple. Once you are a member (free to join if I recall), the typical process to hire someone will look like this:
* post a job - be explicit with what you want (more detailed than what you posted here)
* review the candidates - you will get anywhere from a few to dozens of people applying for the job
* select a contractor - based not just on price, but review any sample work they post and how they come across in their proposal
* fund the escrow account - eLance uses an escrow system that holds the payment for the job (so the contractor knows you are good to pay) but does not release payment until you approve all the work
* work with the contractor - most will allow some back and forth to improve the deliverable for you
* accept work and release funds
* rate contractor

My experience with eLance has been good overall. I have hired many jobs over the past 2 years. From VA work to banners to videos to site creation. Some bits of advice: be explicit in your request (mentioned above, but that's how important it is for you) and ensure in the posting you ask for samples of their work.

I have hired people from US/Canada, the Philippines, India, and South Africa, and have found good and bad employees in all regions. I hate to say this, but the quality on average is slightly better in the US/Canada, but the labour rates are lowest in India and the Philippines. However, as long as you are explicit in what you ask, do a good job selecting the contractor, and work with them to advice your deliverable, then you can ensure high quality.

There are other sites similar to eLance like Odesk.com (and others) that offer similar services, but I have not used them.

Now, if you want the other, OTHER side of the price spectrum, then you can try Fiverr (www.fiverr.com). This is a site where people will do stuff for $5 (or more to "enhance" the gig).

For a site like Fiverr and with what you want to do you will need to do the following:
* create the exact speaking/text script yourself (you may find someone who can do a self-improvement script for you, but not sure)
* hire a professional voice artist - for 3-5 minutes, you will likely need to order multiple gigs form them. Think around $30-50
* hire someone to make the slides and merge with the audio for a video. Maybe you'll need to spend $10 or so.

However, it is Fiverr. You get what you pay for.

I hope these few suggestions help you find the right person to help with your work.

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Thanks Terry for the numerous and such detailed tips. It is a big help.
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Why don't you just do it yourself. It not that hard. I have done 140 youtube videos for my website. Uploading take the longest time thought.

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