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How to Sell E-books?

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How to Sell E-books?

I feel that selling e-books is not easy. That's because most content is found right on the Internet and hence the buyers for e-books are very few. At the same time many Internet marketers enjoy selling e-books effortlessly! Any better ways of selling them..?
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Yeah a lot of stuff can be found for free, for the determined. However, some people are willing to pay to just have all the useful information delivered to them without having to do all the research themselves.

Plus, a lot of people don't implement free information and take it for granted. When people pay money, they often also pay attention and implement what they learn.

If I had gotten AffiloBlueprint for free back in 2009, I would have never worked tirelessly on it for months on end. I'm actually glad that I paid $197 for it because it made me take the course seriously.

Selling ebooks is also about understanding your market. Remember you are not selling them an "ebook." You are selling them the solution to a very real problem that they have.

And even though a lot of information can be found online, a lot of it is not directly associated with what the searcher is looking for.

For example, my product is for people who want to save their relationship. However, people in that market believe that they just need to know the right words to say. In reality, they need to learn a lot more than a few magic sentences. They need to master interpersonal and relational skills, self-soothing, anxiety, confidence, mindfulness, acceptance, personal boundaries, how to enjoy their life on their own, etc.

All of this is not readily apparent to people who just think that the problem is that their ex won't pick up the phone when they call. And no matter how many times they search for free information about why their ex is ignoring them... they will never find the exact information I'm offering them in my course... even though it is the exact information that they need to save their relationship.

I hope this helps.
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Clayton beat me to it! Great answer. ;)

There are always going to be a certain amount of people that will not buy anything, there are in my opinion three types of people:

- Those that are freebie seekers (and will do anything to NOT pay)
- Those that are bargain hunters (they will pay but it HAS to be a bargain)
- Those who will and like to buy things at normal cost or even at a premium (willing to pay more for extra)

So don't get discouraged when selling anything, you just need to target the right people to sell to AND you must have a quality product, if the "free" e-Book is 36 pages filled with general knowledge, then a way to compete with that is to offer a 64 page e-Book with advanced knowledge with something extra like a bonus.

Again there will always be freebie seekers, ignore them (they are not going to buy), focus on people who do buy if this means focusing on the U.S. market and people with high incomes then do that but don't expect to get sales from someone with little to no money to spend.

Another way to sell is not to think of selling as trying to get someone to buy something, but to think of how you can HELP someone better their situation, when you figure out that you can help people and they see that you can help them that's when they start to want to buy from you. It's not a game where you try to trick people into buying something you have to offer something that has value and that will help them solve problems, they don't want e-Books in itself; they want solutions.
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Selling e-books for easily accessible information would be difficult, but if you have a specific niche & you become an expert in your field, many people would be willing to pay for the extra information that is all in one place, nicely laid out & deeply informative. I've noticed that people that have success at this offer a bit of information for free first. If you were selling a vegan cookbook, for instance, offer 2 great recipes for free first, & then present the entire cookbook as an option to buy.
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Selling your e-book listings can be difficult if you do not do your research. The main thing that you need to consider is how many other sellers are selling the same books. Another actor that you need to consider with e-book listings is how popular the e-books are.
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You can easily sell ebooks via sites such as Fiverr or upload to Payhip which allows you to use Paypal to sell your books. Another option is Kindle or other online ebook sites, though you will have to pay commission.
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