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How To Interact in Social Media Sites?

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How To Interact in Social Media Sites?

I just want to know some of the most effective ways of interacting with members in social media. What is the best way to identify the members with similar 'tastes' and 'interests'? You can't be simply sending your link to all of your friends there? Do you?
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Hi kallayprasanth05,

Yes, you can't send a link to your page and have your friends and members "like" it. Although that helps, you need to be able to reach your target market. You can try joining groups related to or about your site's niche and from there, connect to the other people within those groups. Make sure that you share helpful or entertaining info, and not just keep on promoting your site. Keep in mind that you need to build trust and relationships here, and not just to promote your site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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It’s essential to do interaction with the people on social media; it builds trust among your customers. You can promote your products and services among the similar interest groups/ community people, so you can get more chances to get more likes, shares for your post. You can search people of similar interest within different groups, for example, if you are interested to know people who are web designer, you can search “People who are Web Designers” and you can get the list of the profiles, which meets these criteria.
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Hi kallayprasanth05,

    The Perk Hunting Fan
    The quite Fan
    The Normal Fan
    The complainer
    The cheerer
    The unhappy Fans &
    The loyalist
If you can control all these then off course you can be simply sending your link to all of your friends where ever you wish and everywhere you can. :)
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Hello Friend....

Follow this all steps about social media interact......

Use Facebook to Highlight Employees and Reach Out to Fans
Get Personal on Twitter
Use Google+ Circles, Communities and Hangouts to Create Valuable Conversations
Participate in LinkedIn Groups
Use Pinterest to Invite Others to Pin on Your Boards
Don’t Forget to Engage on Foursquare
Get Creative With Your Hashtag on Instagram
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Its not like that you keep on putting your links on social media sites to promote your website or brand This is wrong. You may promote one link in different ways like:-
->sometimes promote it through any relevant image and good description
->try to answer on some related queries of your topic
-> you may join different communities related to your topic and explain by using relevant terms about your topic.
-> blogging is one of the best way. Writing unique and attractive content and market content on social media with related keywords.
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I would suggest you to be active on social media sites. Start posting regular updates and build your followers. You must also like your followers updates as well. Blogging would also be very useful for building traffic and networks.
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I would recommend you to be active on your all social media profiles.Post useful stuff for your fans, followers. People will find you and same industry or taste people would like to follow you. Also you can like, follow the same which you relevant to your industry.

Never try to post spam on social media as it won't be liked by any genuine user.
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Just be active and genuinely interested in others and being helpful. Find communities that you are interested in and build some good relationships.
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Seven way of Interact in Social Media Sites...

1. The Perk Seeking Fan
2. The Silent Fan
3. The Casual Fan
4. The complainer
5. The cheerer
6. The unhappy customer
7. The loyalist
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For pages, it's faster to make use of Facebook Ads service. You can easily target your market based on location, gender, age, and, of course, interests. If you have a little bit of funds to spare, I would suggest you try their PPC.

Groups are helpful in promoting your page but it doesn't guarantee that they will like your page.

Interact with your followers by posting relevant information about your company/brand/product and/or starting a topic where they could discuss. Be consistent in your posts. You need to keep your page active to make it work.
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To interact in social sites always try to built trust with your surroundings. If you want to promote something, then this trust will works a lot.
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Just like in real life...be genuine, helpful, honest, caring, straight-forward. If you are only out to get them to your page or product, people will sense it and run. Just like in every day life, always try to offer more to the other person than you're asking from them. It's the long road, but the solid one.
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Actively participate in Social media platform
Give instant reply to the customers who text
Keep updating regularly
Share interesting things
You can also share new products updates and other infomation through messages

These are the main things to get in touch with customers...

It is said that social media influence customers to purchase.
Facebook contributes 30.8%
Youtube and linkedin 27%
Google plus 20%
Pinterest 12%
Twitter 8%

Source - http://www.uniecommerce.com/blog/social-media-influence-online-shopping.html
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I just want to know some of the most effective ways of interacting with members in social media. What is the best way to identify the members with similar 'tastes' and 'interests'? You can't be simply sending your link to all of your friends there? Do you

In social media websites like twitter, you can effectively use hashtags to search connections of the same taste. you can follow them, mentions them, add your replies on particular discussion.
On facebook, you can join related groups and share your links with attractive title,
It is must to remain active on social media websites in the form of discussion, adding new information and sharing your knowledge.
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You should join groups that are in the same niche as your product ad get to know people there. Those people are your prime targets. Once you have established yourself as a contributing member and gained the trust of others there, you will find that some will click through on your name to check out what is on your timeline. You will want to be sure that you talk about your product or service on your timeline, linking back to your product page.
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