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How to have my own email marketing service

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How to have my own email marketing service


I am looking at offering an email marketing service for my clients. I have looked into being a white label reseller from email marketing providers and to be honest the ones that offer white label reselling do not give me the flexibility that I need.
So, now it has come to a point that if I want to offer this to my clients it needs to be custom built. Ok, so programming it is easy however here is where my concerns come in:
How can 1 run an email marketing service without it getting blacklisted due to scammers and spammers? I checked many resources of Marketing Service Video but did not found much.Are there any resources for running your own email marketing service business?

Please shed some light on this issue.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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We have lessons on how to get started with email marketing, but none about setting up your own email marketing service. You can check out some of the apps on the following list and see if any can help:
25 Best Email Marketing Apps

Hope that helps. All the best!
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Online marketing is one of the few industries email marketing experiencing growth and prosperity in the present economy, a growing number of entrepreneurs and online service providers are aiming to expand into providing email marketing services. This is an outstanding business opportunity, particularly for businesses who already offer internet- or marketing-related services to their clients.
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