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How to Get Traffic from StumbleUpon / Pinterest

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How to Get Traffic from StumbleUpon / Pinterest

How to get traffic from these two social media site (Pinterest + Stumbleupon), i am shocked, i don't how people get traffic from these sites, i never get traffic
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First of all, you may want to check if these sites are good traffic sources for your niche. No matter how popular a social media site is, still, there are certain niches that are not compatible with the site's traffic/audience. You need to check on that.

Also, since Pinterest is graphic-based, you should use really good pictures to get traffic.

I'm familiar with StumbleUpon before but I have not visited or used the site (in my marketing) for a long time now so I do not know if this site is still a good source for marketing.

I would suggest also that you try other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram and see how well you do there.

Of course, it also helps if you will read several marketing blogs that provide tips and steps on how you properly market the site on a particular social media platform. Each social media platform requires specific steps. You may do some research for this.
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I don't have any experience with Pinterest, but I've used StumbleUpon ads for something non-affiliate-marketing related before. Even after I stopped paying for ads (I think I spent a total of $20), I was getting hits. If you tailor the information really well and play around with the ad settings, you might get solid results. If your niche is catered towards Australians around the age of 30-40 who might be interested in Technology and Gadgets and own Android devices, you would set your budget, set your desired demographics, and see the traffic trickle. They even show you how many people landed on your site for free (so organically through StumbleUpon instead of with your ad). By the end, I had more "free" visitors than paid.

BUT like I said, I've never used it for affiliate marketing and have no idea how effective it would be. Like maryt said, it'll probably depend on your niche and the audience. I don't know if you can set the audience when you submit your page or site for free and if you can't, it might take some time for the StumbleUpon to learn who likes your site and who doesn't. If you can't or you're impatient like I am, you can try playing around with the ads and see what works.
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StumbleUpon and Pinterest are useful social Bookmarking sites for all bloggers that serves to push a great amount of traffic to your blog.

Follow these steps:-

1. Follow other Bloggers

2. Share

3. Promote in Groups

4. StumbleUpon Paid Advertising
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Just add your links in stumbleupon with suitable category and increase your followers and likes. Also follow active members in stumbleupon for increase traffic using stumbleupon

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Subscribe to other boards, add content regularly (don't be greedy to add poor visual content), mark if you tried pins, add new pins to your collections, leave comments and be active for your subscribers.
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I think for Pinterest it might also be good to learn from the accounts that are having a lot of engagement, don't just go follow and comment at random, try to see who is really active and try to learn from the way they engage with their community.

Traffic is about being active! learn what people want to see
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I have been a Pinterest member for a few years. The key is pinning and repinning (sharing) quality images sized for Pinterest (735 pixels x adjusted to height) with relevant titles and descriptions.
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StumbleUpon and Pinterest are one of the best social media platform to generate traffic.
- Make an account at StumbleUpon.com and Pinterest. When you make an
account, you will be asked to indicate your interests.
- Add article or You can add your own links to StumbleUpon with suitable
category or interest and increase your followers and likes.
- Subscribe to other boards, and add content regularly.
- As Pinterest is graphic-based, then you can use good and creative
pictures to get traffic.
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Pinterest is basically for those who are eCommerce entrepreneur. There are all categories but eCommerce business will get more benefit in traffic compared to other business categories.
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I don't have any experience of pinterest. Are you using stumbleupon and pinterest to help drive trafic to your website.Pinterest is all the rage of this writing..Article titles drive trafic from many sources and terms.Trafic from stumbleupon often bounce within few seconds.But there's away to fix this.
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How do Pintrest and StumbleUpon do for business related webpages?
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Read this article about Pinterest. It's very useful.
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Today, I want to talk about how Pinterest search works and how you can use it to drive traffic to your site Sign up for a business account. Focus on your copy description. Pin at the right time. Create pin-worthy images. Join a Pinterest group board. Increase your Pinterest traction with the Social Warfare Pro plugin.
StumbleUpon is an internet discovery tool that also acts as a social network. You log in, set your interests, and then it will present interesting pages to you almost.
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robertok3322 wrote:How to get traffic from these two social media site (Pinterest + Stumbleupon), i am shocked, i don't how people get traffic from these sites, i never get traffic

Like and share other pins, give follow and get follow and obviously post an attractive post.
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Post an attractive image and content on pinterest that are related. It's a nice platform for traffic.
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