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How Many Subscribers Does it Take to Finally Get a Sale?

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How Many Subscribers Does it Take to Finally Get a Sale?

Hi Everybody -

Just a question.... Is there any "rule of thumb" for roughly how many subscribers it takes to get a purchase? (My website is about dating tips / relationship help for women, and my email campaigns and other links on the site are geared towards various clickbank digital relationship help programs.)

Right now I have about 15 targeted subscribers (most of which I've had for over 1 week), yet no clickbank purchases yet..... :(

Is that expected? I keep checking my fluttermail daily to see how many subscribers I have, and each time I see a new one, I immediately go to clickbank to see if there have been any purchases. Ha! I just wish I knew more or less when to expect things to start "happening".....

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated!
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There's not really a rule of thumb. It depends on your current target demo and the type of offers you are pushing. However if you're only pushing clickbank products, I would highly suggest replacing those with CPA offers and retesting.
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Hello. I am new in the game. Can you explain what a CPA offer is, please?
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Thanks For This. ..Good Information
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