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How many new people should I follow on Twitter every day?

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How many new people should I follow on Twitter every day?

What is Affilorama's advice on how many new people to follow on Twitter every day?

Many thanks!
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Based from Twitter's FAQ page, you can follow up to 1k Twitter users a day and you can only follow up to 2k users in total. After reaching 2k there will be limits to how you follow additional users. You can read more about Twitter's rules on following here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/68 ... practices#

You can gradually follow people per day and only follow the ones who have the same interest in what you promote. Twitter has the 'tailored suggestions' feature that you can look up to. This section allows you to check out users that have the same interests as yours or you may also use tools like HootSuite.
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I suggest you to stop following people on twitter. Create and share some thing useful and interesting, use hash tag and mention to attract people to follow you. Your master strategy for Twitter marketing will generate maximum results only with a strong foundation.
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Depends on the age of your account. A new, non-phone verified account will get spanked by twitter after less than a 100 per day. If you have an old account, you can follow more.

But as well as following, supply content.
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Be careful you can get ban if you will follow too much people)
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