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How do you turn Facebook Likes to sales?

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How do you turn Facebook Likes to sales?

Hello everyone,
i had a question that many people probably have a issue with.

I'm fairly new to drop shipping but my 4 month old store has brought in $500.

i could be making more if i could get my adds to create more sales.

I'm only using Facebook ads right now, they work better than Adwords at the moment, for me.

So, my problem is 90% of people LIKE, SHARE my ad post but they don't buy.

anyone else have this issue Should i change the ad wording? its clear that many people like the products and the price point is good based on my reports. so any ideas?

Thanks, Nate
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Hi!In my opinion I suggest you to adopt what's called retageting(remarketing) where you figure out and retaget those people who have whether saw or liked your offer but did not buy at all.

As a solution but may be not(for me it's a little expensive cost $ 35+) if you are using WordPress you've been covered but if you are not I pretty much do not have any solution for you.

So let's say you are a WP user check this out:http://www.pixelyoursite.com.

And I hope once you get there even thought you are possibly not using WP you will find a training about how to turn a profit from those people who actually have visited,saw or liked your offer.

Thank you very much,I hope this maked sense.
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There is no way I can afford the drop ship training course that was offered a few months ago. $2000+ is way too much to spend. I can't take the risk of losing all of my remaining meager savings and winding up homeless and deep in unpaid debts. However the video that was sent to me back in May still provided guidance on how I could try to make a go of it without spending an arm and a leg for training. I have heard about getting a reseller license. Do I need to get one to sell stuff provided by merchants at Ali Express?
I saw some YouTube videos that suggested that all I had to do was find out what was being sold on Ali Express, set up a system for processing orders and receiving payments on MY website, markup the prices as much as I think the market will bear, then order from the merchants using the address given by customers at my website. They would ship the stuff to whoever just paid me for something.
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