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How Do I Market My Site?

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How Do I Market My Site?

Hi everyone I have been an affiliate marketing now since december 2012 and only managed to make a couple of sales. I would welcome any advice to help me along in my journey. I have tried PPC but I am on a very small budget, I have tried social network marketing and also have a couple of websites up and running.
I am no genius when it comes to things like SEO so without a big marketing budget i struggle to get all my hard work noticed.
If anyone has any ideas i.e free ways of marketing I would love to hear from you.
Please i do not want people that are going to post me links to scam websites i am not willing to sign up to any more as i have been ripped off to many times.
Thank you.
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I feel your Pain! The only thing I know to do is to keep trying. Everyone know there is a lot to be made on the internet and it's not all that easy with a small budget. If I ever run into anything I will deffinatley let you know. So far I found this new Social Media Gig and I even posted it yesertday. If you are interested go to the post and connect with me on my facebook page. lol You dont neccecarily have to join but I will need your name and either your email or phone # to generate you an invitation. As always I hope the best for you and everyone else in all of thier endevors. If you run into anything befor I do drop by and keep me updated. Cheers!
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Hi Dwain,

Sorry you didn't get a reply to this when you posted it. How are you going now? Have you made any progress?

Perhaps you could share with us the websites you've built already, and we can take a look and give you some feedback.

I'm assuming that the website in your footer is one of them.

If you're completely lost, our AffiloBlueprint course is designed to show you a solid way to build profitable affiliate websites using (predominantly) SEO, which is probably what you're after.

It's not a magic solution that'll get cash pouring in overnight, but it does teach you best practices and would show you where you're going wrong with your other sites.

It's $197 (one-time payment, no ongoing charges), so that might not help if you're completely broke. But I can assure you it's no scam, and if you can wade through the affiliate reviews out there, you'll see a lot of honest praise for it.

If that's no good, perhaps you can give us a little more information about what you've tried and we can point you in the right direction.
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There is no short cut to getting results with regards to how to market my website.
(1) Web marketing starts from how you choose a memorable domain name.
(2) Reliable hosting is important too. You can search and consult professional webmasters advice.
(3) Content is King. Ensure your website is clearly structured with regularly updated, fresh, uniquely written content.
(4) Ensure every page of your website is SEO (optimized with meta titles, description, keywords, tags)
(5) Provide reasons for visitors to come back or keep in touch with you, such as free ideas, free downloads, contest, sales offers, seasonal campaigns, forum, messages, membership, newsletters etc.
(6) Once your website is ready, submit or advertise your url to the following places:-
(6.1) Submit to search engines (this may take up to 8 months.)
(6.2) Submit to free classifieds directory or free community classifieds.
Search engine robots (a.k.a. spiders) love to comb huge list of free classified websites.
You need to keep an advertising portfolios.
(6.3) Advertise it at press release, forums, blogs, slide sites, video sites, social networking sites, etc. you can also hire experts from SEOclerks .
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