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How Can I Make More Sales?

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How Can I Make More Sales?

I have been promoting the Chris Farrell membership Site. I have been using forum posting, article marketing and stumble upon. What Im doing doesn't seem to be working. I have made sales but I am looking for more. Here is my blogger blog.

http://internetmarketingtraining1.blogs ... 7CN_WdOUdU
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Hi Bruce,

There are several other ways to drive traffic to your site like social media marketing, reverse engineering and link indexing. The niche your site is in is very competitive so you need to find ways to even out the competition. Reverse engineering where you look for sites your competitor built backlinks on and building links on the same sites can help.

Link indexing helps get the backlinks you've created indexed by search engines faster. Social media marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website and engaging your target market.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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What you are doing at the moment is the application of the right SEO methods. SEO takes time to deliver the desired results. Organic traffic is after all the most effective traffic!
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I copied this from your review.

"What Will I actually Learn? Chris teaches fundamental list building strategies. Use a squeeze page to capture email, follow up with an auto responder series, build a relationship with your list and profit from sending affiliate offers and your own products to your list."

I assume you are memeber of his program. If he tuaght you this this I think it is the best way to go.

I would also consider useing your own blog, and not a blogger blog.
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JC Dean
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No not a member just promoting his program. Looking to generate some income then I can do more advanced things (landing pages, autoresponders, traffic ect..).
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Hi Rambo,

Is this your sales page? How are you getting people to this page? Don't mean to be harsh but it's pretty boring, visually. I don't use blogger but if you can use graphics or infographics or anything would help catch someone's eye. The only people that would read this are people that are specifically looking for this. What I mean is if someone came across this page by curiosity, or accident, there is nothing to grab their attention.

You're missing a lot of sales tactics. For instance, the only call to action is at the very bottom you have a link "Click Here for The Chris Farrell Membership" that is actually hard to catch down there. I know you hyperlinked some phrases in the paragraphs but between two paragraphs, after you've introduced it, in the top 1/3 of the page or so have a link that says something like "Click Here For Full Details", "Click Here to See What The System's All About", or even "Click Here For More Information", in a different font or headline, or better yet a graphic (Side note, use an orange button/graphic. There has been a study that shows that at a subconcious level orange "buy" buttons converted better than any other color. What color are Amazon's buttons?) then let his sales page do the selling for you. The idea is to get people from your page to his sales page, right? Give them a clear path to do that. People need to be told to buy. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it's true, you need a clear call to action.

What are you doing with your article marketing, forums, and stumble upon? Where are you sending visitors? Are you sending them to the membership site? DONT! I'm with jcdean above. Consider getting your own blog or website. It gives you so much more control. Send all visitors from everywhere to your sales page. The BIGGEST benefit is being able to add your own email sign up form whether it be a sign up form, a pop up, or an exit pop up. Get people's email in exchange for something like a free report. I'm sure you've heard all of this before but it works. As it is, when people leave your blog they are gone for good and you possibly gave someone else some customers. With an exit pop when people click to leave your page you can have something pop up and say "Wait! Don't leave without getting our free report on xxxxx, enter your email and we'll send it to you". Now you can retain an interested person and market to them again. Now you can start building a list of YOUR customers that you can market to rather than just funneling customers to someone else. Imagine having a list of a few hundred highly targeted (they wouldn't have signed up if they weren't interested) people who you can send new offers to. Now you're affiliate marketing. After your list gets started there are ways to grow it faster. The hardest part is getting a list going. Sorry, I'm on a tangent. Email marketing is an entirely different topic. The point is having the control of your own site. I love Wordpress. It's pretty easy to get the hang of and there are tons of free themes too. Options are unlimited on what you can do. Not to mention using sites like blogger you don't own your site or even your content. If you do something wrong like break an affiliate marketing rule or something they can shut your blog down and all of your work is for nothing. Not common, but possible.

Cecille above is right. The niche you're in is extremely competitive for seo. The "make money online" niche is actually one of the most competitive there is. But that's also because people buy it. Honestly, you shouldn't worry too much about seo only because it will be pretty much impossible for you in this niche unless you have a huge budget and a lot of time. If you're blogging and such you should still keep it in mind for long term but it shouldn't be a huge priority for you. I agree and disagree with kallay's post above. This is the right seo method as far as getting content and links out there but what is seo'd here? If you had your own sales page you could link to it and give your site some backlinks. As it is it looks like you're giving Farrell's site backlinks. That doesn't help you, it helps him. So I'm not sure what he is saying the right seo method is.

Backlinks are the best thing you can do for seo, as long as they are quality backlinks. But keep in mind not all forums and websites allow dofollow backlinks. As in you can put a link to your site and it's good for traffic through the link, BUT, the link does nothing from an seo standpoint. So posting on forums is great for exposure and you should do that, but also look for forums that have "dofollow" links as opposed to "nofollow" for seo for part of the long term strategy.

Don't know if you have a budget but paid ads can be good if you know what your doing. It would be tough though because of the competition the CPC would be high. Facebook has a paid ads that you can try.
A good way is by writing a really good report about making money online or better yet the topic could be something like "The growing trend of how Americans are leaving the traditional workforce behind". Make this a good informative report, NOT A SALES PAGE, don't even mention the product. The point is to come across as an authority on the subject. Then at the end you could say "If your interested in learning how to get started for yourself click here."
People find authors as authorities in their topics. The only catch is that it has to be a good report. Don't just throw something together to get it out there. Do research, get facts and statistics and be as informative as possible. Your goal should be to actually educate someone who is interested in the topic not just to get some content out there. Selling will be A LOT easier if they trust who is telling them to buy it, and trust can be as simple as them thinking you are an authority. You can even hire people to write it for you or create graphics. Then there are places you can submit your report. Submit it as a Press Release. There are services that will submit your report (or article) to a press release network and get it posted to a couple hundred different places. Do your research on which service you use though. Submitting it to article directories could work to.

So for the long winded reply. I hope this helps.
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Hi Hagler...
I really support your advice over there....one of the greatest mistake Rambo is doing is that he directs all his visitors to the sales page....it means that he does not take his time building his own list that he can communicate with....I think if it is that way then he risk loosing a lot if at all it happens that the product he is promoting has been taken away...building a list will make him have a full control over his business other than directing all of them to the product...
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More visual appeal, squeeze page to keep clients, more specific help on the blog (a good article or jumping off point for them to begin) to catch the reader and draw them to the squeeze page...remember that your blog is not the squeeze page. I understand that you want to direct people to the site, but first you want to funnel them through your page & in order to do that, it has to be as good or better than the site you're directing them to. You'll have to continue to write articles to have new content, as well. This will give people areas to explore on your site & hold them there longer so they can make a decision to click through. Use as much social media as you can...since there are already videos embedded, you could probably benefit from Pinterest if you put effort into it. There are many people on there looking for information for your specific niche...interact with them on it by following & gaining followers. The widgets for social media sites are good. I'm pleased that you're using stumbleupon...many people overlook that starting out. All in all, you just need a few tweeks & you should be gaining more customers soon. You've completed the hardest part!
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If you want more sales, you put your customer's needs first. Then convincing them will come naturally. This will give your customers an assurance that it's safe to trust you, that you won't mislead them and you really are the person you're trying to say.
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For more sale you need to concentrate on customer's need..
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Your blog is mostly one big advertisement. You need to add more quality content that helps your site visitor rather than only advertisements. As for traffic generation, you need to get out onto Facebook groups and Google+ groups (and pages) and start promoting your site or profile where allowed.
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usman shahzad
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Well there are many different ways to promote your sale. However on my point the best way to increase your customers/user is email them. You can buy a list from internet and email them about your sale its really increase your sale. I personally use bulk emailing for any sale and promotions on my website. Its really great. You can choose a person who can do this for you or else if you're interested then let me guide you how to do the email marketing step by step.

Step 1-
To scrape your email there are different ways to do that. You can set a newsletter feature on your website to collect email addresses of your customers. Or else you can buy contact list from the internet.

To build a good targeted email list is the most important for those who really want to do email marketing (bulk emailing). You can collect email address but to have reports of your list and have the interested recipient out of them would really be a great contact list. However after you have collected your contact list, I will recommend you to use the software "Cleanmyemaillist" do visit their website and filter your contact list to be cleaned up. As it will take all the duplicates out and will provide you all the real address at a side. So you will be aware of those email address that doesn't exists any more. That will also take all the Spam cops away from your list "Highly recommended". Now your contact list is ready and clean :) .

Step 3
Sending emails without SPAM is a big problem. People are really worried about their campaigns but all the bulk emailing service providers are not the same. As the market is grown and people are very interested in email marketing. I myself had really tried many bulk mailers companies but never had for what I really paid for. Al last after searching many companies I found what is real and they are very serious about their customers. Now it been a long time I'm working by using there software. The best part is only dedicated SMTPs, Domains and IPs can stop you from been SPAM. Mostly companies provide Shared stuff which affects the campaign by sending the emails to SPAM folder not to the Inbox. Always bear in mind no body checks SPAM and after 30 days the SPAM email disappears from the SPAM folder. So I always will prefer and suggest taking a platform that is dedicated. I have always found " Imailunlimited " as the best one for me. Also the list cleaning service can be provided by them as the software " Cleanmyemaillist " is there sister website. I will highly recommend them and I must say the features for their software are remarkable.

If the above 3 steps will work alright for you definitely you will be earning Cash for yourself.

Thank you !
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