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Help me promote my website

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Help me promote my website


First time poster. I have been IM marketing for 5 years with some success earn about $2,000 per month from my websites all from organic traffic (was up to about $4,500 per month but sold one of my good sites). I have good experience picking a niche and ranking for organic traffic but limited experience paying to promote a website/product.

I recently purchased a welding information product weldingsecretsrevealed(DOT)net which will be my first step into advertising a product. I don't expect to make huge sums for this but should be a worthwhile project to earn some money and learn how to market an information product.

The website is not 100% finished but interested on ideas to promote, I plan to sell through clickbank as they allow physical sales and have CD rom dropped shipped for me for a few dollars so process is 100% automated.

My understanding is google add words does not like these one page product websites basically asking what is my next best option to promote and get some sales ?

All ideas and feedback welcome.


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You may start with ClickBank and/or Amazon. You can promote this in AdWords even though it's a one-page website. However, you need to revamp your content to add more value to your page before you can promote in AdWords.

As for your marketing strategy, it is pretty much the same as promoting an affiliate website. You can experiment with different marketing platforms and combine paid and free traffic strategies. There is no best way to market this kind of website but to combine free and paid traffic and see how it goes from there.
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Hi James,

I suggest you check out the lessons on marketing and SEO on our website and select methods that would look like a good fit to your niche.

I would think that since this is a welding product, it would appeal to people who like to DIY so you can check out websites and forums that DIY-ers frequent and promote the website there.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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there are many feature are promoting your website. The best way is social media promotion like Facebook ,YouTube,twitter and LinkedIn.through social media promotion you can increase more visitors in your website. and SEO is helpful to promote your website doing (off page,and on page optimization)and PPC also we can promote our website through spending money
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I too will say same thing as Banjohnadvid said, its social media that’s the biggest friend we have got in this age, so we should try and take full advantage of this. However, it’s obvious that randomly promoting on social site might be effective, so you got to have some experts onto it. I do know few people masters at it, but will leave it to your requirement, as you can PM me IF you want.
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I'd suggest you go for social media, it's your best bet as it's fast and you can see if it works or not a lot faster than seo. For example one used tactic is to create a facebook account, join groups in your niche and post to them ( good stuff with a link back to your site).
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After having your blog be active and running, you need to promote it in order to get visitors and also traffic. There're many ways to promote and get traffic, both free methods and paid methods.

Free methods such as: Doing SEO, Social Media Content sharing, Youtube sharing, Facebook Content (Fanpage, Group), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,...and many other channels that give you free using and promotions

Paid methods such as: Doing SEM such as Google Adwords, GDN, Solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads,...

So it depends on your budgets that you will choose which methods can give you the best effort, or you need to combine between free & paid methods in order to get the highest effective results

I hope this helps.
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You can promote your website in different ways. Some of them are Guest Posting, Social Media sites, Blog commenting, Web2.0 sites like reddit etc. You may also use the paid advertising option like Bing ads, Facebook ads etc to get some initial boost for your website.
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Hi, we highly recommend joining a network that promotes your content. The trouble with most social networks is that they limit your exposure unless you are prepared to spend lots of money to promote. Luckily there is a social network that solves this issue by Actively promoting its members content across all major social networks via monthly guaranteed social signals. Google slay club world to learn more.
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Hello there,

There are lots way to promote website. but we have to find out proper strategy to gain vast number of traffic. you can get very good idea form https://www.affilorama.com/marketing-ideas also there are other media marketing as well. I need to get some idea about my Health Insurance website.
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- guest posting is the most efficient today, all you need is to have skills in outreach
- promotion in social media
- listing on forums, catalogues and niche profiles etc.
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I also will say something as Banjohnadvid stated, its social media that is the biggest buddy we have obtained in this era, so we must try and take complete benefit of the. But, it is obvious that randomly marketing on social website might be successful, so you must have some experts onto it. I do know few folks masters , but will leave it to a requirement, as you can PM me IF you want.
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To Promote the website easily I will suggest to use Social Media Marketing and Paid online promotions to make the growth fater.

You can also do the SEO to make the website stronger with lot of traffic.
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I also will say same thing as Banjohnadvid said, its social networking that is the largest friend we have obtained in this age, so we should try and take full advantage of the. However, it's evident that randomly promoting on social site may be successful, so you got to have some specialists onto it. I do know few people masters , but will leave it to a own requirement, as you can PM me IF you want.
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