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Guerilla Marketing Tactics with Ewen Chia

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Guerilla Marketing Tactics with Ewen Chia

I bought Ewan's program and I can't find any support email address or ticketing system on his member site. Can anyone help? Mark, do you have contact information?
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I'm sorry, I do not have his contact information. I have forwarded your inquiry to a senior Affilorama staff and will let you know as soon as I have feedback.

I was able to find his Facebook pageand his personal blog. You might be able to send him a message through FB for the meantime.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Even after searching on Google, the only thing I could find were the Facebook page and blog referred to before. And for me, it's very suspicious that such a successful man doesn't have a built in contact form on his website. It makes me think that he doesn't want people contacting him, even paying customers. Customer service is one of the keys to keeping customers happy. How is Ewen Chia so successful if he is so unreachable?
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