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Forms of advertising

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Forms of advertising

I had posted this on marketing, but only got one reply?

I was searching around the internet and found maybe multiple ways of advertising, but which ones are good? Of course there is Adwords, but which search engine should I start with google, yahoo, or msn?

Then you got blogs, is blogger.com good?

What are exchanges, don't really know if I said it right?

Then I found Click websites that you get a penny to view other peoples websites, and you can convert your earnings inorder to advertise on their site. I guess its cheap that way, a penny per click to advertise. Are those sites good for advertising?

You also got forums, but most are really strict when it comes to certain things. Is there any good forums out there?

When all is said and done, there is lot to keep track of......usernames, passwords, sites. Where is the best starting points. Are all required in order to get hits. Is there a better way of marketing, more efficient, and low cost. Of course, money is always required to advertise. But less means better profit margins. Help......?

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Hey Mario, IMHO...you are in the best forum on the internet. As far as forum marketing goes, as long as you follow the guidelines you should not have any problems. Some forums are more accommodating than others, but at the same time no one wants to be spammed with unwanted advertising.


p.s. you can find some good info here http://www.bloggingtips.com/2007/04/23/ ... signature/
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Ok, you need to start with ONE form of advertising method and stick to it.

For an example, you can use forum marketing for one month, and MASTER this form of advertising.

The next month, you can add article marketing and MASTER this form of advertising as well.

Then, you can compate between the two to see what gives you the better ROI.

The next step is to outsource to put these two forms of advertising on autopilot.

The third month, with the money you made, you can invest on PPC. Start with MSN and Yahoo, and later on, you can go to Adwords because you will be well armed.

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Hey Mario,

you could try Video Marketing, through Youtube or many other sites on web.
I am using this technique with some success.

check: http://youtube.com/robasi23

I am getting some visitors to my referral page but no sign ups. :(
So it does work, I think you need to target keywords in your niche to rank high so more traffic
will see your vids.

Well that's my 2 cents anyway.

Success to ya mate.
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