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Facebook ads vs LinkedIn ads

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Facebook ads vs LinkedIn ads

Hi guys, let's discuss which is more effective for business purposes, Facebook ads, or LinkedIn ads?
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It depends on where your market is and the niche you are into. I suggest you do more research and see where your competitors are marketing on social media. That will give you an idea of which platform to go for.

You may also choose to run marketing campaigns for both and see which one works well for you.
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To sum up, LinkedIn Ads are traditionally better for reaching B2B markets because of the platform's professional nature, while Facebook Ads are better for B2C brands.
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jessgrenne wrote:To sum up, LinkedIn Ads are traditionally better for reaching B2B markets because of the platform's professional nature, while Facebook Ads are better for B2C brands.

I think this is the best answer. Thanks for your sharing
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If you own a B2B business, you'll probably be having great success on LinkedIn, but that doesn't mean you 're not going to be successful on Facebook. When you opt for Facebook, you'll actually spend a little less and you could get engagement rates through the roof, based on the granular targeting choices.
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Hey, Joe.
I use both Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads for marketing purposes. But, according to me, Facebook Ads are more effective than LinkedIn Ads for business purposes.
This is because Facebook has a higher active user base than LinkedIn active user base. That's why Facebook Ads help to reach maximum users.
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In conclusion, linkedin Advertising are traditionally better for attaining B2B markets on account of the stage's professional character, whilst facebook adverts are best for B2C brands.
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LinkedIn is better for lead generation. Ultimately, both platforms are good for different things. While Facebook gives you access to ten times more prospects and provides a great place to generate brand awareness and engagement, LinkedIn beats Facebook when it comes to generating tangible leads
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Facebook ads are way better because they are targeted towards particular people. Linkedin is popular but it is just for a few people who are in business. If you are going to show people ads then you need to know that they will be interested and linkedin users do not click on ads that much.
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I think Facebook ads is the best, there are billion people on Facebook so if you are going to have an ads, many people can see your advertisement unlike LinkedIn ads
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Facebook for sure is the best, huge audience will suits to all purposes
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For B2B it is better to use Linkedin Ads. But in B2C you should think about Facebook ads.
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To summarize, LinkedIn Ads are customarily better for arriving at B2B markets as a result of the stage's proficient nature, while Facebook Ads are better for B2C brands
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